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GW: Made-to-Order Blood Bowl Chaoszwerge

Kommenden Samstag werden als Auftragsarbeit die Chaoszwerge in die Arenen von Blood Bowl eingelassen und den neuen White Dwarf gibt es auch noch.

Pre-order Preview: Blood Bowl Made to Order and new White Dwarf

This coming Saturday will see some fantastic classics returning to Blood Bowl, plus the December issue of the best hobby magazine in the world! Read on to see why you need these in your life.

Score, for Hashut!

Games Workshop Pre Order Preview Blood Bowl Made To Order And New White Dwarf 1

Missed out on the Chaos Dwarf team back in the day? Well next week, you’ll have the chance to correct that – they’re coming back as a Made to Order set. Put in your order, then we’ll cast them up and deliver you a full team, including six brutal Chaos Dwarf Blockers and six fleet(ish) Hobgoblins. The Chaos Dwarf players form a solid core on defence, whilst the Hobgoblins offer the opportunity for a stronger running game.

Games Workshop Pre Order Preview Blood Bowl Made To Order And New White Dwarf 2

Any Chaos Dwarf coach worth his whips and lashes will be looking for a Bull Centaur as well, and we’ve got you covered. Blessed by Hashut with an unusually swift and powerful body and the bitter, calculating mind of his kin, these players are able to crush the opposition and drive the ball down the pitch.

Games Workshop Pre Order Preview Blood Bowl Made To Order And New White Dwarf 3

If you’re a fan of angry, twisted and bitter dwarfs with fantastic beards, and even better hats,  mark your calendars for this Saturday. While you wait, take a look at the full Chaos Dwarf rules in the Head Coach’s Handbook – be sure to pick up a copy of the Head Coach’s Rules and Accessories Pack!

White Dwarf: December 2019

Games Workshop Pre Order Preview Blood Bowl Made To Order And New White Dwarf 4

Pre-orders for this month’s White Dwarf begin on the 10th of December. These 144 pages are packed with fantastic content, such as an Index Astartes exploring the background for the blood-soaked anti-heroes of the Flesh Tearers – including a new mission – and a Tome Celestial digging into the story of the Mortarch of Grief’s Emerald Host. You’ll also find an exclusive mini-game called The Spellflux Spire, pitting four wizards against a mystical construct.

Games Workshop Pre Order Preview Blood Bowl Made To Order And New White Dwarf 5

This issue offers loads of ways to expand your games. Start a Revolushun with Da Red Gobbo’s rules for Kill Team, mow down servants of the Dark Gods with Gotrek Gurnisson in Warcry, and encounter the dangerous arco-flagellant Penitent 707 in Blackstone Fortress.

You’ll also discover rules to explore the Realms above the clouds in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and expanded Zone Mortalis rules for Necromunda that cover some of the new scenery pieces from Dark Uprising! December’s White Dwarf includes a Warcry card for Gotrek, a Necromunda Tactics card, and a map to play The Spellflux Spire.

Mark your calendars for next Saturday so you don’t accidentally skip over the week-long Chaos Dwarf team Made to Order period!

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