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Guild Ball: Neuheiten

Steamforged Games geben neue Guild Ball Spieler zur Vorbestellung frei.

Ateamforged GuildBall Corbelli

Corbelli, Ace Striker – 15,00 USD

Corbelli might be one the best players to ever lace up their boots on the field, a born leader ready to make his mark on the game he loves. Under their captain’s vigilant gaze his team is transformed into the very vision of a modern football side, moving strategically around the pitch and breaking the opposition defence wide open. A solid choice for any Mason’s Guild player, or an RPG player in search of a charming rogue character.

Ateamforged GuildBall Corker

Corker, Northman – 20,00 USD

A great hulking mountain of a man, with a deep booming laugh to match his thick neck and barrel chest, Corker has never been a shy figure amongst his kin. Always ready to break open a keg and share out the contents with his teammates, the Northman is rightly feared and admired in equal measure. If you’re a Brewer’s Guild player or in the market for a towering northern barbarian to add to your D&D party, look no further! 

Ateamforged GuildBall Culverine

Culverin, the Silver Admiral & Cutlass, Sly Privateer – 35,00 USD

Culverin has made her fortune and fame far from the pitch as the Silver Admiral, a well respected leader of a fleet powerful enough to rival that of a Sovereign State. She arrives now to the fields of Guild Ball to master and command her team instead, heralded by the titanic blast of cannonfire and a deadly burst of grapeshot….
Drafted in the Free Cities Draft Community Event, Cutlass might not have been the Blacksmith’s Guild’s first choice but she’s certainly here to establish she was the right one! Working in tandem with Culverin to protect her team’s goal, the Sly Privateer apprentice is a perfect accompaniment to her master.
Blacksmith’s Guild coaches and RPG gamers looking for awesome female pirates will not want to miss out on this master and apprentice dual release.

Ateamforged GuildBall Rivet

Rivet, the Ironsoul – 15,00 USD

Determined, dependable, and strong, Rivet is a powerhouse on the field that isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get stuck in alongside her crew. Leading her team downfield like a battering ram, the opposition will soon come to respect the unorthodox approach to how her team plays the game. A perfect addition to your Guild Ball Engineer side, or if you want a heavy-duty mechanic for your steampunk RPG adventures!

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