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Games Workshop: Zahlreiche Previews

Wir fassen mal wieder diverse GW-Neuheiten für Euch zusammen.

GW Games Workshop Previews 1

Just this moment, a few lucky fans in Australia have had a glimpse of the future! No, we’ve not got confused about time zones – we’ve just closed the doors on our first-ever Warhammer Preview in the southern hemisphere! Judging by the reaction at the Australian Championship Final, it’s gone down pretty well, and looking at the reveals, it’s not hard to see why!

Honour Through Annihilation

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve started a Chaos Space Marines army lately, or at the very least, been tempted to. And who can blame you? With new troops, a legend reborn and more to get your gauntlets on, things couldn’t get better for Chaos, right?


Für Warcry gibt es ebenfalls Neuheiten:

Get ready for carnage on a colossal scale. There will be more news about these heretical Knights real soon.

Like Chaos, but fancy something a bit more low-tech? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Meet the Untamed Beasts – perhaps Warcry’s most savage warband (and believe us, they’ve got some stiff competition). Hailing from the Jagged Savannah in Ghur, these raiders have a distinctly old-school aesthetic that’s reminiscent of classic Marauders and barbarians of Warhammer’s past. If you’re looking for a warband that looks like it came straight from the pages of Slaves to Darkness, these are the guys for you!

GW Games Workshop Previews 2

Just as distinct as their Chamonite counterparts, the Iron Golems, the Untamed Beasts are nomadic warriors. They scorn those who indulge in fripperies like establishing permanent settlements or wearing forge-crafted armour, instead subsisting on hunting carnivorous beasts – or any unfortunates who’ve stumbled into their domain.

GW Games Workshop Previews 3

The Untamed Beasts have a really distinct and dynamic aesthetic that sets them apart from other Chaos models. Traditionally, the servants of the Dark Gods are trudging, resolute, ironclad creatures. Instead, each of these models is bursting with energy and dynamism. At first glance, you could well mistake the Untamed Beasts for hunting animals. Just as with the Iron Golems, the rich, dark world of Warcry has allowed our designers to shed light on new facets of Chaos, as well as giving us insight into life in the wilds of the Mortal Realms themselves.

GW Games Workshop Previews 4

Also, for fans of Warhammer critters like Gryph-hounds, vulcharcs and squigs, the Untamed Beasts are bringing us this awesome goat-lion thing. Maybe give petting him a miss though – unless you don’t mind losing a hand…

GW Games Workshop Previews 5

Forbidden Power:

With all the cool Warhammer Age of Sigmar stuff out this year – new grots, loads of battletomes, new endless spells and the next chapter of the ongoing Soul Wars saga  – you’ll be needing somewhere appropriately epic to battle. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing. Meet the Dominion of Sigmar!

GW Games Workshop Previews 6

The Dominion of Sigmar is a new range of super-modular, customisable and interchangeable scenery for Warhammer Age of Sigmar that lets you transform your tabletop into a battlefield worthy of the Mortal Realms’ fiercest conflicts. Think Sector Mechanicus or Sector Imperialis, but aimed at recreating the high fantasy feel of Sigmar’s kingdoms.

GW Games Workshop Previews 7

Each Dominion of Sigmar set can be built as a scenery piece with its own warscroll, or can be mixed and matched with other sets to build anything you can imagine. Sprawling ruins, towering ziggurats, cavernous temple complexes – these kits are designed to make recreating the Mortal Realms at your home or gaming club easy.

GW Games Workshop Previews 8

They’re not just for show, either – these kits have been designed with gaming in mind. You’ll find them great for adding hills, choke-points and line-of-sight blockers to your boards, leading to deeper, more tactical battles where properly using scenery can be the difference between defeat and victory!

The Dominion of Sigmar scenery range will be available soon alongside Forbidden Power – the next chapter in the Soul Wars and the latest expansion to Warhammer Age of Sigmar!

We’ve looked at this expansion in previous seminars, but we’ve got even more to share with you today! First up, we’re excited to unveil the all-new mercenaries system. With Forbidden Power, you’ll be able to recruit renowned sell-swords to your cause regardless of Grand Alliance. So, for example, you could have a Chaos army and enlist some of the notoriously ur-gold hungry warriors of the Greyfyrd lodge…

GW Games Workshop Previews 9

We’re also able to unveil some awesome new art in the book, depicting the climax of a cataclysmic duel between Lady Olynder and the Celestant-Prime. Who will win? You’ll have to read it yourself to find out…

GW Games Workshop Previews 10

Follow the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Facebook page for more Forbidden Power news soon.

Warhammer 40.000:

2019 has been a crazy year for Warhammer fans so far. We’ve seen a new Abaddon, a stunning Keeper of Secrets, and later this year, we can look forward to plastic Sisters of Battle – and we’ve got even more cool stuff coming…

Your prayers to the Omnissiah will be answered soon, Adept. Hey, speaking of the flesh being weak…

Iron Hands players. Let’s take a moment, just for you. (If you don’t collect Iron Hands, keep reading anyway – we promise you won’t be disappointed). Nearly every time we’ve held a Warhammer Preview, one of you guys has been brave enough to stand before the raging tides of hype and say: “Sure, this is cool, but what about an Iron Hands named character?”

This is the kind of dogged persistence that’d make Ferrus Manus himself proud – and we’re happy to announce that your valiant pleas have finally been met with an answer.

GW Games Workshop Previews 11

We think it’s safe to say the wait was worth it! This named Iron Father will be hitting shelves (and your opponents) later this year…

We’ve got even more previews on the way soon, with all sorts of awesome new stuff for you. Next weekend, at Warhammer Fest, we’ll be bringing you no fewer than five (yes, really!) reveal-filled seminars to get your teeth into! Tickets are still available, offering you the chance to check them out in person – but hurry, they’re selling fast…

Und wo wir gerade dabei sind, fassen wir noch ein paar andere News zusammen:

GW Warhammer FunkoPop 1

Clear some space on your shelves, because Space Marines Funko POP! vinyl figures are about to secure a position in a Warhammer store near you.

This collection includes a stalwart Ultramarines Intercessor, a secretive Dark Angels Veteran, a swift Blood Angels Assault Marine, and a vicious(ly adorable) Space Wolves Pack Leader.

GW Warhammer FunkoPop 2

If you’re eager to assemble your squad of vinyl warriors right away, we’ll have them on hand at Warhammer Fest, taking place on May 11th and 12th at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry. All four will be popping up in Warhammer stores and other retailers over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out in your local shops.

We’ll have another 3 videos this week, so stay tuned to the Warhammer TV Facebook page to check them out!

Und dann gibt es noch Infos zu den Sylvaneth:

With Looncurse out this weekend, we’re examining some of the Sylvaneth’s oldest (and strangest!) allies – the spites!

GW Sylvaneth Preview 1

What are Spites?

Sylvaneth are often accompanied by faerie-like beings called spites. These creatures are highly magical, and incredibly diverse in form and temperament. Treelords, for example, are frequently infested with swarms of miniature, insect-like spites. Others caper to battle alongside hordes of Dryads.

GW Sylvaneth Preview 9 GW Sylvaneth Preview 2

Indeed, some Sylvaneth use spites as living wargear. Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows often go to war alongside arrow-carrying spites called quiverlings, while Arch-Revenants are granted flight by their zephyrspites.

GW Sylvaneth Preview 10 GW Sylvaneth Preview 3

Spites can be caring, but are generally capricious and playful creatures. Indeed, even the famously ill-tempered Branchwyches are willing to indulge these creatures in their whims. However, when the groves of the Sylvaneth are invaded, spites will delight in misleading outsiders and leading wanderers to their doom.

GW Sylvaneth Preview 4 GW Sylvaneth Preview 11

Drycha Hamadreth is infested with misery-suckling squirmlings and rage-feasting flitterfuries, creatures she unleashes in battle with deadly effect. There are even theories among the Sylvaneth that the Outcasts – wicked, bitter creatures like Spite-Revenants – were once spites.

GW Sylvaneth Preview 5 GW Sylvaneth Preview 6

One of the largest Spites is Alarielle’s wardroth beetle. This colossal creature is a living battering ram capable of shattering infantry formations and fortifications alike! Magical in nature, the wardroth beetle transforms into a swarm of glowspites, before coalescing at her feet as she lands. On the rare occasion that the wardroth beetle should fall, Alarielle can grow a new incarnation using soulseeds.

GW Sylvaneth Preview 7

While the necroquake has brought much death and misery to the Mortal Realms, it has also awoken ancient creatures and guardians akin to the spites to fight alongside the Sylvaneth once more. Gladewyrms, ancient protectors of the Realmroots, now fight alongside the Sylvaneth, called to battle like endless spells by those versed in the magic of life.

GW Sylvaneth Preview 8

You won’t have to wait long before you can summon your own Gladewyrms – stay tuned for more Sylvaneth news very soon. Make sure to grab Looncurse, available to pre-order this weekend, while if you’re looking to recruit some Sylvaneth (and their spite allies!) in the meantime, Drycha Hamadreth will make a fearsome Leader for your spiteful forces.

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  • Warcry und das AoS-Gelände sehen richtig gut aus. Langsam wächst der Geländedacklog auf die größe des Figurenbacklog an…

  • Lobpreiset den Omnissiah für ein Transportfahrzeug/Panzer oder andere technische Errungenschaften.
    Auf das der AdMech siegreich sein möge.


  • Das Gelände macht echt was her! Da habe ich mich wohl zu früh gefreut, dass GW durch Looncurse meinen Geldbeutel schont.

    Die Barbaren finde ich auch klasse, wobei ich mir wünschte, dass die kleineren eher so der Scum sind. Aber die …Schurzschnalle zeigt ja die selbe Symbolik wie bei den Helden. Daher wird es wohl eher in Richtung Nachwuchs gehen, wie die Juves bei Necromunda.

    Aussicht auf echte Chaos-Knights ist auch toll. Dass sie aber nun echt mit einem Transporter für AdMech kommen, jetzt, wo ich mich mit Termite Assault Drills versorgt habe.^^

    Einzig der „Primaris-Tech-Marine“ macht mir Sorgen. Wenn der ausholen will, mit seiner Axt, scheppert er sich doch in einer Tour selbst… 😀 Aber so geht es seinen traditionellen Vorgängern ja auch schon.

  • Warcry lässt mich ziemlich kalt wenn ich ehrlich bin. Auf die AdMech-Neuheit, egal ob Transporter oder was auch immer, bin ich echt gespannt.

  • Da sind ein paar interessante neue Infos mit dabei, vor allem für 40k.

    Halten wir mal fest:

    * Chaos Knights (oder zumindest ein Chaos Knight Upgrade-Gussrahmen)
    * Iron Hands Charaktermodell
    * AdMech Transporter (wurde ja sei Ewigkeiten gefordert)

  • Warcry ist super, freu ich mich schon total drauf. Und das Gelände ist super.
    Und ich glaube, ich brauche so nen Space Marine von Funko Pop 🤔😄

  • Barbaren sind gut. dieser löwe dafür irgenwie schockierend schlecht. und noch dazu bin ich jetzt verwundert, dass scheinbar keine Tiere bei den waldelfen mehr existieren., sondern alles nur spirits sind. seeeeltsam.

    • > und noch dazu bin ich jetzt verwundert, dass scheinbar keine Tiere bei den waldelfen mehr existieren., sondern alles nur spirits sind. seeeeltsam.

      Das sind keine Waldelfen. Die Elfen existieren als Wanderers weiter. Die haben auch noch einige Tiere dabei. Das hier sind Sylvaneth, Waldgeister. Da passt es ganz gut dass die sich mit anderen Geistern umgeben.

  • Die Barbaren mag ich sehr, vor allem die kleineren Handlanger. Beim Löwen stören mich die Hauerzähne, die mag GW einfach zu gerne, auch bei ihren Oger-Säbelzahntiger haben diese ja von unten diese Hauer.

    Gelände ist nicht so meins, aber ich bin gespannt, ob jetzt noch mehrere Endless Spells Kreaturen erscheinen werden.

    • Ich weiß ich soll das ignorieren, will aber auch lachen.
      Groot, oder worauf spielen wir heute an?

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