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FW: Nurgle für Blood Bowl

Von Forge World bekommen die Blood Bowl Teams des Chaosgottes Nurgle eine mutierte Chaosbestie.

Forge World Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotspawn 1 Forge World Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotspawn 2 Forge World Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotspawn 3 Forge World Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotspawn 4

Blood Bowl Nurgle Rotspawn – 25,00 Euro

Nurgle is ever-generous with his gifts, bestowing them upon his followers with reckless abandon. If a player receives too many gifts, or is granted them too quickly, their body may be warped too far and their mind affected, causing their form to constantly twist and writhe with new mutations and leaving their sanity shattered. Rotspawn of Nurgle are such cursed champions. They can no longer understand a game plan and need careful handling, but they are kept around for the strength they bring and the disruption they cause.

The Nurgle Rotspawn is not just a brawler, but a lynchpin of the line of scrimmage. Its combination of Tentacles and Disturbing Presence can lock down the centre of the pitch by disrupting your opponent’s actions, and Foul Appearance can confound their attempts to take it on directly. And it hits like… well, a bloated mass of muscle and tentacles!

The Nurgle Rotspawn is a high-quality resin kit comprising four parts and supplied with a 40mm round plastic base.

Forge World Nurgle's Rotters – Unleash The Rot Spawn

Nurgle’s Rotters – Unleash the Rot Spawn – 50,00 Euro

Nurgle’s Rotters are the most favoured of all the Nurgle teams. Why? Because their owner is none other than Grandfather Nurgle himself!

This handy bundle provides you with a 13-model Nurgle Blood Bowl team, including the Rotspawn:

4 Bloaters
2 Pestigor
6 Rotters
1 Rotspawn

Quelle: Forge World


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