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Footsore/War Banner: Hunnen

Neue Hunnen von Footsore/War Banner – auch als Army Deal.

Footsore Hun Warlord 1 Footsore Hun Noble 204 Footsore Hun Noble 205 Footsore Huns Jav 200 Footsore Huns Jav 201 Vhun Archers 202 Footsore Hun Archers 203 Footsore Huns206

Huns -Warlord 6,00 GBP, 4er Pack 12,00 GBP

The Huns were a nomadic people made up of a confederation of different tribes who migrated west from Central Asia in the mid to late 4th century. Their exact origins remain a mystery with opinions varying from Chinese/Mongol to Turkic/Caucaisian. What is certain was the devastation they caused in their move into Western Europe and Roman Empire. They defeated many peoples, absorbing them into their armies to form vast raiding forces that plagued Europe for decades.

We have chosen to represent them in a varied form, taking advantage of the scarcity of information and to hopefully provide you with a colourful army that represents a mix of tribal types rather than the predictable (and unproven) pseudo-Mongol style of army. You will find a mix of Central Asian, Turkic, Scythian, Gothic and even the odd bit of Roman gear and style in this range. Something for everyone!

Footsore Hun Deal

Hun Raiding Party Deal – 75,00 GBP

Our Hun Raiding Party deal contains, 1 Mounted Warlord,  12 x Mounted Hun Archers, 8 x Mounted Hun Heavy Cavalry and 8 x Hun Mounted Javelins as well as a Hun Scout on foot.  All miniatures in the are deal are unique sculpts.

This deal is only available at this price until the end of February 2019.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and may need some assembly. Spears and bases not supplied.

Link: Footsore

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