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Firelock Games: Neuheiten

Im aktuellen Newsletter zeigen Firelock Games Neuheiten und geben Infos zu Oak & Iron.

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We are extremely proud that our first Firestarter, The European Pikemen, has been funded successfully! Thank you for all who showed support. We hope to have more successful Firestarters in the future.

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New Unit Models: Native Warriors

Some Native warriors prefer the more reliable results of close combat. These would typically emerge abruptly from ambuscade to conduct swift melee assaults before quickly fading back into the brush. The tribes of Darien and the Northeastern Woodlands are especially renowned for their skill in these tactics.

Firlock Rules Prev

Oak & Iron Rulebook Preview

Link: Rulebook Preview

We are finalizing the rulebook for Oak & Iron and have released a preview version of the rules.

Firlock Blood Valour

Blood & Valor

This month, we announced a new game in the works; Blood & Valor. Blood & Valor is a 28mm historical miniatures game that takes place during the Great War. Its game play is based on the Blood & Plunder system. Players will be able to control factions and sub factions such as the Americans, Germans, Ottomans, French, British, and Australians.

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  • Absolut! Interessantes System.
    Deswegen hab ich mir probeweise die Sea Dogs bestellt und bin von den Minis leider ein wenig enttäuscht, mir etwas zu unsauber… Schade. Von anderen Herstellern gibt’s meist nur Fantasy Piraten.

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