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Dropfleet Commander: Resistance Neuheiten

TTCombat zeigen Previews der neuen Resistance-Corvetten und des Centurion Grand Cruisers.

TTC Resistance Corvettes 1

The Resistance are flying in!

We have a Dropfleet Commander release this week. Friday sees the first couple of resin ships from the Resistance fleet!

This brand new faction was launched earlier this year with Battle For Earth, with the ridiculously modular Resistance Starter Fleet.

TTC Resistance Corvettes 2

This set is all plastic, and able to build literal billions of combinations of ship!

This Friday we’re starting to roll out some reinforcements. We’ve got two kits coming out for pre-order this week, although we’re only going to tease one of them today!

TTC Resistance Corvettes 3

The Resistance Corvettes are coming this week, in all their retro glory!

The Munifex class Corvette is a favourite in the office – we think it’s even cool enough to trump the home-made Corvettes we’ve been seeing crop up online!

TTC Resistance Corvettes 4 TTC Resistance Corvettes 5

Armed with NCA-1 Missiles that get better the more you shoot at an enemy, this fast little ship marks the doom for lightly armoured Frigates and Strike Carriers.

This set is out for pre-order on Friday, and if you’re jonesing for the rules, you can find them already in Battle for Earth! Stop by on Friday to find out what the other mystery ship is (alright, it’s not much of a mystery, considering there are three classes in BFE waiting for release).

Und das sind die Kreuzer:

Grand Cruisers

Some of you may be familiar with the Centurion Grand Cruiser. The Centurion has been our most popular event mini during every event it attended. That particular pattern of ship was built by Trident Industrial at Olympus Prime. Now we’re releasing the Earth pattern version of this venerable ship for all resistance admirals to field. This version is the only version of the Centurion that is still being produced, mainly by the shipyards of Kalium.

TTC Resistance Centurion Grand Cruiser 1

The Centurion chassis also served as a test-bed for the vent cannons commonly seen on current Resistance ships. Not particularly safe, or versatile, the class was shelved by the EAA. Kalium, however, sees no issue with the class. Building at least three times the amount of them compared to the EAA. This lets them bring staggering firepower to bear, risk be damned. With one Heavy Vent Cannon Turret and a pair of forward-facing Heavy Vent Cannons, this ship hurts. While it may be the focus of your opponents attacks, its Ablative Armour provides a substantial amount of protection. That is assuming the damage isn’t coming from your own overworked reactor core.

TTC Resistance Centurion Grand Cruiser 2

We’re looking forward to seeing all the different kinds of lists Resistance Admirals are able to make with these new additions. With the Munifex Corvettes providing swarming firepower and the Grand Cruisers providing strong, heavy damage platforms, the tactical options have really opened up.

Dropfleet Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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