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Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter endet

Der aktuelle Kickstarter von Steamforged Games endet heute.

Based on the Bloody Palace mode from the critically acclaimed Devil May Cry™ 5 video game, Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is a dynamic and fast-paced board game for 1 to 4 players where style counts for everything. Players each take control of an iconic Devil May Cry™ devil hunter and try to outscore each other by building the most impressive attack combos and achieving the highest style rank.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 1

We’ve decided to keep this campaign simple and create a single pledge, designed to give backers the best value and bring the Bloody Palace to your table top in spectacular style!

The Sparda Pledge includes Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, The Devil Trigger Expansion, The Walking Arsenal Expansion, The Alpha and The Omega Expansion, 54 finely-detailed miniatures that are faithful to the videogame in every way, as well as Kickstarter exclusive Player Character Profile Cards and red and green gem orbs!

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 2 SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 3 SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 4 SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 5 SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 6

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace  features all of the adrenaline-fuelled intensity that fans new and old will remember, capturing the theme and the essence of what makes Devil May Cry™ so awesome and bringing it to the tabletop with innovative mechanics and gameplay. Play as the devil hunters Dante, Nero, Trish, and V, and  face down the towering Elder Geryon Knight as The Bloody Palace’s boss encounter.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 7

Unleash your Devil Trigger with the Kickstarter exclusive Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace – Devil Trigger Expansion. Featuring additional rules, cards, and miniatures for Dante’s Sin Devil Trigger, Nero’s Devil Trigger, Trish’s Devil Trigger, and V’s third familiar, Nightmare, this expansion is a must-have for every budding devil hunter looking to take their game to the next level and triumph over the Bloody Palace.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 8

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace –  The Walking Arsenal Expansion  allows you to banish demons in a whole new way with Lady, a devil hunter with an array of explosive weapons at her disposal. This expansion also introduces several new enemy types, and an additional boss enemy, the fearsome Cavaliere Angelo.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 9

Bring Dante’s ultimate adversary, and fan-favourite Vergil to the table top with Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace – The Alpha & The Omega Expansion, as well as two new large enemy types, and the mighty Urizen, a terrifying new boss enemy.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 10


As shown below, miniatures for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace come in a range of sizes.  The smallest of which is approximately 40mm tall.  The largest of which is around 110mm tall.  Dante stands 43mm to the top of his head, which is approximately 40mm to his eye-line.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 11

The Rules:

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace has changed the way we bring games to Kickstarter.

From the start of this campaign our backers will be able to download a work-in-progress rulebook, allowing them to read through the rules and learn how the game works. As the campaign progresses we’ll also be releasing detailed daily updates featuring in-depth discussions of the game mechanics from our development team. These will deep-dive into each hunter’s playstyle, how to unleash powerful combos in combat, how enemies and bosses work, as well as exploring the various expansion content too!  You can download the work-in-progress rulebook by clicking the image below, or by clicking here.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 12


Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is a fast-paced arena combat game where hunters face down waves of increasingly powerful enemies.  Defeating these enemies allows hunters to claim valuable red orbs, which players can spend to level-up their hunter, purchasing new attacks and abilities to make them even more powerful for the next wave.

Slaying demons isn’t enough to win, however—style counts for everything! Players score style points by building impressive attack combos and claiming achievements, and the player with the most style points at the end of the game is the winner. Will you make it all the way up to the coveted Smoking Sexy Style triple-S rank?

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 13

Each hunter has their own unique deck of cards representing a wide variety of different attack moves they can use.  These cards can be linked together into a combo chain, allowing players to create devastatingly cool flurries of attacks.  But beware… being damaged by an enemy removes a combo chain entirely, forcing the hunter to start all over again.  And if a hunter is defeated, they have to sit out the rest of the wave and watch their rivals rack up the points!

Deep enough to satisfy experienced gamers whilst also remaining accessible to newer players, Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is easy to learn and intuitive, but offers meaningful choices during gameplay, with high levels of replayability.  With different options to choose from when levelling-up hunters, players are sure to want to keep returning to master their favourite hunter. A single game won’t take a whole evening, meaning casual gamers can easily blast through a standalone game, and hardcore players can smash their way through several games in a single session.

Gameplay Videos:

Shown below are a number of short videos with lead designer, James Hewitt, and members of our development team to take you through how each element of the game works. And if you want to jump straight into the action with the staff play-through instead, that can be found toward the bottom of this section.


In this video, James runs us through the basics of how to kick ass with your chosen devil hunter!

James continues in this video by giving us the lowdown on how dangerous enemies can be if you leave them alive.

In this video, it’s time for James to show us how the bigger enemies work and why you should fear them!

Collect red orbs, upgrade your hunter, and score the most style points to be crowned the winner!

The Devil Hunters:

Dante, Legendary Devil Hunter – Son of the legendary dark knight Sparda and the original king of Smoking Sexy Style, Dante is a veteran devil hunter and a real force to be reckoned with. Bringing a huge variety of weapons and attack options to any fight, Dante can quickly adapt on the fly to ensure he’s bringing both maximum damage and maximum style. With his trusty sword Rebellion, the pistols Ebony & Ivory, Balrog devil arms, and the Coyote-A shotgun… well, you get the picture. You name it, Dante has probably tried to kill a demon with it. Even a mop.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 14

In Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, Dante has access to a number of fighting styles which he can smoothly switch between every time he takes a turn. Fighting styles grant Dante bonuses to his defence, movement, and certain types of attacks, making him incredibly versatile. And when his back is up against a wall, just hitting everything with Rebellion while looking like an absolute boss is rarely a bad plan.

V, The Mysterious One – A newcomer to the Devil May Cry™ universe, not much is known about where V came from or even who he is. What we can say for sure, however, is that V is an incredibly powerful devil hunter, who has somehow managed to bind a plethora of demonic familiars to doing his bidding. Before he commits to a battle, V will often send his familiars Shadow and Griffin to soften up a target while he stalks around the edges of the fight, looking to dart in to deal a finishing blow with his cane.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 15

In Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, V brings his unique signature playstyle to bear, summoning Shadow to aid him in the fight. To this end, V’s cards are a mixture of commands for Shadow to shift around and lash out at nearby enemies, shooting attacks from Griffin, and positioning tricks. A tricky hunter to pin down, V is also capable of teleporting himself, or having the familiar shapeshift into enormous grasping tendrils, ready to drag unsuspecting demons towards their doom. But remember—V himself must always be the one to land the finishing blow…

Trish, The Bewitching Devil – At first glance, Trish might appear to be one of the least dangerous of hunters in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, but you should never judge a book by its cover. No simple human, this lady is actually a lethal demon in a woman’s form, with a real appetite for carnage! While Trish is incredibly skilled in wielding a variety of weapons, she often prefers to beat enemies to a pulp with her bare hands. The most brutal of the devil hunters here, when all else fails? Send Trish in to kick and punch the ever-loving hell out of whatever might be causing you grief.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 16

Trish begins the game with more basic attacks at her disposal than any other hunter, meaning she’s incredibly versatile and has a huge variety of options for kicking off new combo chains. In addition to this, a large number of her attack cards offer Trish bonus movement, allowing her to jump from one enemy to the next with consummate ease. Where other hunters tend to shine when enemies are grouped together, Trish can bring the pain in almost any situation.

Nero, The Devil Hunter – Nero is a devil hunter of such determination that even losing an arm couldn’t stop him from coming back to kick a whole load of demon butt. And now he’s been fixed up with an impressive new array of mechanical ‘Devil Breaker’ arms? Nero is nigh on unstoppable. Trained by the Order of the Sword, Nero doesn’t only bring death to his demonic adversaries with his interchangeable Devil Breakers either; this hunter wields his vicious blade, the Red Queen, and his Blue Rose pistol to deadly effect, as you’ll soon see…

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 17

Nero uses a combination of heavy sword strikes interspersed with pistol shots and deadly arcing swings to deal massive amounts of damage to anything in close proximity. When no more demons are nearby to slay, he can use his Devil Breakers to latch on to distant enemies and either drag them forwards or to propel himself towards them, so that he can continue the carnage. Nero’s Devil Breakers also serve as additional special attacks which Nero can use to extend his combo chains to incredible lengths.

Lady, The Walking Arsenal – Where the rest of the devil hunters are either partly or completely demonic, Lady is a human devil hunter with no demonic powers to speak of. But never fear, Lady is no slouch!  Not only has she achieved mastery with most firearms, but she’s also a deadly close quarters combatant with her bayonet equipped rocket launcher, the Kalina Ann.  Capable of going toe to toe with any hunter out there, many a demon has underestimated Lady only to be mercilessly slain by her incredible martial prowess.

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 18

A ranged attack specialist, Lady has plenty of attack cards that allow her to reach out and inflict damage at a distance in her deck, as well as a large number of attacks that hit multiple enemies at once. This is incredibly important for Lady, as she scores bonus style points for damaging multiple enemies in a single attack. A cunning player will soon learn that Lady can build up a stash of explosives on her grenade belt over several turns, before unleashing them all at once to truly devastating effect.

Stretch Goals:

At Steamforged Games we like to keep our Kickstarter campaigns, and particularly our pledge levels, as simple as possible.  On top of your base game you’ll get not one, not two, but three expansions, and that’s everything!   So for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, there are no stretch goals, no add-ons, with no additional complications.   The Sparda pledge is a one-click option which will get you everything you need to play Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace.

As part of the Kickstarter however, we are offering a number of Kickstarter Exclusive items. Anything marked with the icon shown below is a Kickstarter exclusive item and as such, will only be available to campaign backers, with remaining overstock being made available at shows, conventions, and as special promotions on other platforms while stocks last.

Das ist der Zeitplan:

SFG Devil May Cry The Bloody Palace Kickstarter 19

Die Kampagne endet heute und ist finanziert.

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  • Hoffe der Kickstarter bringt das erhoffte Geld um den Dark Souls Kickstarter abzuschliessen.
    Deshalb und auch weil mir Devil May Cry nicht zusagt, hab ich die Finger davon gelassen. Steamforge Games bekleckern sich da nicht gerade mit Ruhm.

  • Für DARK Souls kann ich nicht sprechen. Gibt es Quellen und, die Deine Aussage bestätigen? Bei Resi2 ist jedenfalls alles gut gelaufen. Die Regeln finde ich sehr gut. Minis und Spielpläne haben Luft nach oben, aber ich bin trotzdem sehr zufrieden und konnte keine Probleme feststellen, wegen derer ich jetzt hier potentielle Backer für diesen neuen KS warnen müsste. Ich fand eher die Kommunikation sehr gut und die Erfüllung war wie erwartet – klar gab es eine Verspätung, aber es war immer klar, dass halt noch an der Qualität geschraubt werden musste oder Chinesisches Neujahr war oder eine Regenflut zu einer Verzögerung geführt hat. Alles transparent und ging trotzdem gefühlt schnell. Evtl. haben sie also auch den nächsten Kickstarter wieder im Griff? möglicherweise lässt sich so etwas Ruhm wiederherstellen?…

    • Bin Dark Souls Backer. Für mich ist das mittlerweile alles zu undurchsichtig und anstrengend zu verfolgen in welcher Welle nun welche Teile meines Pledges kommen. Ich habs aufgegeben und werd mal in ein paar Jahren schauen ob alles da ist. Mehrere parallel offene KS von SFG machen die Sache nicht besser.

  • Wow, mal gerade 4% über die Mindestsumme…das hat sich SFG sicherlich auch anders vorgestellt bei solch einer Lizenz

    • Naja, SFG hat sich halt in der Vergangenheit nicht unbedingt mit Ruhm bekleckert. Die Transparenz und Handhabe von Dark Souls ist unterste Schublade, was auch mittlerweile sehr bekannt ist und einige potentielle Backer verschreckt haben dürfte – zumal halt dann auch noch diverse KS Projekte offen sind (Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dark Souls, der Umgang mit GuildBall) – und die Konkurrenz derzeit auf KS auch stark ist (Bloodborne war z. B. auch ein dicker Brocken, der einiges an Geld gezogen haben dürfte, der evtl. sonst in diesen KS geflossen wäre).

      Ich habe außerdem bereits läuten hören, dass aufgrund der Handhabe von einigen Projekten SFG bereits beim ein- oder anderen Laden nicht mehr supportet und nur noch auf Anfrage in das Programm genommen wird.

      Dass diese KS daher so verläuft, lässt mir zwiegespalten zurück. Als jemand, der sehr viel Geld in den DS KS gesetzt hat (und das Spiel sogar mag!), freut es mich, dass SFG hier weiterarbeiten kann, und ich wohl die letzten 2 Waves meines DS KS sehen kann (Wave 4 = Händler-Wave ist bereits im FLGS vorbestellt), auf der anderen Seite kann ich mir ein wenig Häme ob dieses Flops nicht ganz verkneifen 😉

  • Das Ding ist total gefloppt. Es ist aktuell noch nicht mal wirklich sicher, ob der KS überhaupt finanziert wird. Meiner Meinung nach liegt es an mehreren Dingen:

    – Vertrauensverlust in SFG nach vielen (offenen) KS-Projekten
    – Mangelnde Kommunikation nach dem KS
    – Der immer noch nicht abgeschlossene Dark Souls-KS
    – Bloodborne hat gerade erst die Taschen vieler Leute geleert – Total schlechtes Timing (ein Monat später wäre besser gewesen)
    – Sinkende Qualität der Spielkomponenten Z.B. RE2-Minis, Karten und Tiles im Vergleich zu Dark Souls

    Hoffentlich kommt es jetzt mal zu einem Umdenken bei SFG. In einem Update zum aktuellen KS gehen sie zumindest mal überhaupt auf Kritik ein. Das reicht aber nicht, um wirklich Vertrauen zu schaffen. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass Sie ähnlich wie CMON ein ständiges Einkommen durch KS brauchen, um die Versprechen aus den alten KS zu erfüllen. Wenn das stimmt, werden SFG nach dem schlechten Devil may cry-KS noch dieses Jahr einen neuen KS hinterschieben (müssen).

    • Ja, SFG erweckt wirklich den Eindruck ein Schneeballsystem am laufen zu haben. Insgesamt sechs KS Projekte am laufen aber bisher nur ein einziges (Resident Evil) komplett abgeschlossen.

  • Zumindest bei Horizon Zero Dawn KS hat sich der Informationsfluss in den letzten zwei Monaten verbessert. Da hatten sich die Baker auch mächtig beschwert. Mal schauen ob es so bleibt.

  • Geld sollte ja nach der letzten Finanzspritze da sein und mit der Verpflichtung von Ian Livingston sollten auch neue Impulse kommen, der Mann hat ja mal nen Paar richtige Entscheidungen getroffen. Hoffe es zumindest damit Guildball weiter supported wird.

  • 159.428 £ finanziert von 150.000 £ Zielbetrag

    Wurde doch sehr knapp am Ende. Bin gespannt ob sie es überhaupt umsetzen. Für neues Geld für Dark Souls sehe ich etwas schwarz.

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