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Cruel Seas: Neuheiten

Warlord Games haben drei neue Sets für Cruel Seas in ihrem Shop.

Cruel Seas Neuheiten 01 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 03 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 02

Dubbed the Kleine fähre (small ferry) the Siebel ferry would prove it’s self a highly useful and adaptable vessel.

Aircraft designer Fritz Siebel (A commissioned a colonel in the Luftwaffe) had been assigned his own Sonderkommando (special command) for improvising Luftwaffe invasion craft for Operation Sea Lion.

Colonel Siebel’s ferry used flat-bottomed pontoons that were squared off in front. In combination with the vessel’s wide cargo deck, this made for an exceptionally stable gun platform, capable of surviving even Force 6 waves.

In fact, the Luftwaffe mounted various-sized flak pieces on the ferries finding the 8.8 cm guns, in particular, well-adapted for this role.

The Luftwaffe continue producing Siebel ferries under its own Special Ferry Command (Fähre-Sonderkommando). Configured to serve a variety of special purposes, from minelaying to convoy escort, most would see action transporting troops, vehicles and supplies.

The Siebel Ferry comes in packs of two expand your Kriegsmarine fleet.

Preis: 30.00 GBP

Cruel Seas Neuheiten 04 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 06 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 05

Often referred to as the “riverine tanks” or “Bronekater” the gunboats of the project 1124 and 1125 series played an important role in securing the large system of waterways of the Soviet Union.

Transportable by train from a river to other, it was designed to enter tunnels and cross bridges aboard wagon trains.

Bronekater pr.1125

This model represents Soviet Bronekater pr.1125 with M-13-M Rocket Launcher (Katyusha), 76.2mm F-34 T-34 Cast Turret and DShKM-2B Duel 12.7mm DshK Machine guns.

This model is of a rare ship that saw action as part of the Asov Flotilla during the Kerch-Eltigen Amphibious Operation, Kerch peninsula, Krim, November 1943.

The Soviet Bronekater pr.1125 with Katyusha comes in a pack of two to boost your Soviet Navy coastal forces.

Preis: 15.00 GBP

Cruel Seas Neuheiten 07 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 10 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 09 Cruel Seas Neuheiten 08

The Fairmile company produced a mass production vessel, which had good seagoing qualities and was used also for mine laying. Their most famous boat was probably the Fairmile D or ‘Dog’ boat, a dual MTB/MGB, possibly the best-armed vessel size for its size in the world.

MGB 660

This model represents motor gun boat 660 in its final configuration, including an automatic 6pdr on the foredeck, a 20mm on either side of the bridge, a twin 20mm amidships and a quick firing 3pdr (effectively a 40mm) cannon on the stern.

MG660 – Built by Brooke Marine Ltd. (Oulton Broad, England, U.K.), Commissioned 21 Apr 1943.

First commanded by Alexander Robert Todd, RNZNVR from 8 Jul 1943 to 6 Aug 1943 and then A T Robinson, RNVR till mid-1945.

The Fairmile D MGB 660 comes in packs of two to boost your Royal Navy coastal forces.

Preis: 30.00 GBP


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  • Ich hoffe, dass das zukünftige Black Seas auch so viel Modelle und Unterstützung bekommt. Auf das System freue ich mich gerade richtig.

      • Jedem das seine, für mich ist Cruel Seas genau das richtige System gewesen und momentan das einzige aktiv Spiele. Langsam nehmen die releases ja auch etwas Fahrt auf.

        Nach dem Release der Regeln und Flotten im Dezember bis Januar war es dann ja bis Ende April relativ still, was neue Modelle anging. Es gab nur Schiffe in 1:350 von anderen Herstellern, die WG im eigenen Ship auf den Markt geworfen hat (um Lücken zu füllen?). Ich hoffe hier lässt WG nicht wieder Monate verstreichen, bis dann nach den 3 Wellen wieder neue Modelle bringt (April 2 Schiffe, Mai 3 Schiffe, Juni 2 Schiffe); insbesondere, da es quasi nur neue Schiffe für die Kriegsmarine und die Royal Navy gab/geben wird.

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