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Corvus Games Terrain: Neuheiten

Corvus Games Terrain hat neue Modelle im STL-Format veröffentlicht.

Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Star Wars Legion Desert Compound X1400 Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Star Wars Legion Desert Compound2 X1400 Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Kaarsons Refuge X1400

Kaarsohn’s Refuge Digital – STL

The valley where Libb Kaarsohn made his home was remote even by outer-rim standards. The overlooked canyon lay dusty and untouched in an out-of-the-way corner of a rarely-visited planet. He retired a prosperous man, but weary of hauling cargo and goods across the galaxy, sought a place of solitude and rest to spend his life but not his credits.

This 3D printable bundle of buildings can be assembled to form one large structure (22 inches long) or as separate buildings and arch structure. The main buildings feature removable doors and the roofs lift off allowing access to the interior. Scaled for 28mm – 32mm this is compatible with Star Wars Legion.
Also comes with scatter pieces to add thematic interest to your tables in the form of a well, power conduits and barrels.


Building A Lower – 194mm x 160mm x 83mm
Building A Roof – 187mm x 158mm x 29mm
Building B Lower – 199mm x 199mm x 83mm
Building B Upper – 192mm x 194mm x 88mm
Buildng B Roof – 145mm x 104mm x 41mm
Archway Beams Top – 180mm x 100mm x 12mm
Archway Lower – 180mm x 23mm x 72mm

The archway structure is designed to print as three pieces to eliminate the need for supports and included OpenLOCK compatible ports and connectors to snap it together once printed.

No need for supports*. Recommended printing resolution – 0.2mm.
Everything is ready to throw into your slicer of choice and start printing

Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Halycon Terminal Objective Room For Infinity The Game Openlock Compatible X1400

Halcyon Terminal HT-Alpha-2 Objective Room Digital – STL

The corporation government of Halcyon Terminal operates from this administrative building known officially as HT-Alpha-2. This square form building shares an architectural style common to all the HT-Alpha buildings, featuring a clean enhanced printable plasteel outer shell.

This 3D printable 20cm x 20cm building can function as an ‚Objective Room‚ for your games of Infinity as it features 4 equally spaced door openings on the 4 walls. It’s also perfect for acting as a line-of-sight blocker. The interior is playable and is detailed to match the outside and includes removable doors and windows. Designed to fit in with HT-Alpha-1 city building

The building is split into 4 pieces allowing for faster printing and also the for use of smaller print beds. The sections clip together using OpenLOCK clips. Two wall variant designs included.


Overall constructed size: 219mm x 219mm x 70mm
Individual Sections: 109mm x 109mm x 70mm

Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Infinity Building Halcyon Terminal Type A X1400 Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Infinity Building Halcyon Terminal Type B X1400 Corvus Games Terrain 3D Printable Infinity Building Halcyon Terminal Type C X1400

Halcyon Terminal HT-Alpha-1 Digital – STL

The allure of Halcyon Terminal has drawn inhabitants from all across the galaxy, all eager to make their mark under its bright city lights.

Espousing a clean and simple approach to their architecture, the Halcyon Corporation eschews traditional building methods in favour of an enhanced printable plasteel that allows new dwellings to created in half the time at half the cost.

This HT-Alpha-1 building features a single storey sporting roof access via an outside staircase.

The main structure prints as two pieces for quicker printing, with a removable roof allowing access to the modelled interior. Door and windows on the front and back are also removable.

Two versions of the lower building are included – interior floored and non-floored.


Lower Building: 146mm x 109mm x 66mm
Roof: 106mm x 106mm x 28mm

Link: Corvus Games Terrain

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