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von BK-Christian | 23.07.2019 | eingestellt unter: Fantasy, Kickstarter

Color Quest Beta: Finanzierung läuft

Ein alter (und sehr knuffiger) Bekannter wagt ein Comeback.

Your Quest Begins Here !

FC Color Quest Beta 1 FC Color Quest Beta 2

Color Quest is a new skirmish game for two players including miniatures. The story takes place in the Color Warz universe.

The game is recommended for a public of 14-year-old but remains accessible for players accompanied by 12 years old and under (in the presence of an adult because of the resin miniatures present in game).

The original game system is simple and scalable. It will delight novices but also confirmed players. This is a good choice to initiate yourself to miniatures games.

Color Quest Beta

FC Color Quest Beta 3 FC Color Quest Beta 4

The Color Quest Beta campaign introduces two new characters playable for both camps.

  • The Valkrye
  • The Amazon

*Playable as „Doomed“ for Kaos camp.

Experimental profiles for these characters are detailed on the General’s handbook pages 15 to 17. These rules will be improved after the campaign.

New miniatures will be unlocked as Stretch Goals during the campaign.

Color Quest : The Game

FC Color Quest Beta 5

Players will have choice between two camps

– Gaia’s Wardens, the Goddess of Life, led by Oak, the old wise
– Kaos’s Legions, the God of nothingness, led by the Ronin, the Fallen follower.

A third clan is under developement for 2020. It will introduce the Dark Khromaz, a Mercenaries clan.

Each camp is led by a hero and will consist of different choices of troops and champions to select from a selection of 36 characters, and more to come.

Beyond the conventional material (cards, tiles, trays, etc.) using paint puddles to manage paint networks and invocations and the color dice to activate special abilities of your characters or transform your hero are strong elements of the game system.

Das sind die Pledges:

FC Color Quest Beta 6 FC Color Quest Beta 7 FC Color Quest Beta 8 FC Color Quest Beta 9

FC Color Quest Beta 10 FC Color Quest Beta 11 FC Color Quest Beta 12

Bilder der Modelle:

FC Color Quest Beta 13 FC Color Quest Beta 14 FC Color Quest Beta 15 FC Color Quest Beta 16 

There are currently 36 different models of resin miniatures for Color Quest.

  • Scale : 28mm
  • Stands : 25, 29 or 50mm
  • Material : high detailed resin made in France by GRX Créations

Bemalt können die Modelle so aussehen:

FC Color Quest Beta 18 FC Color Quest Beta 19 FC Color Quest Beta 20

Und das sind die ersten Stretch Goals:

FC Color Quest Beta 21 FC Color Quest Beta 22

Die Kampagne ist fast finanziert und läuft noch 4 Tage.

Quelle: Color Quest Beta


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