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Carnevale: Neuheiten

Bald erscheinender Nachschub für Carnevale gesichtet!

TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 01 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 02 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 03 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 04 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 05 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 06 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 07 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 08 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 09 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 10 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 11 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 12 TTCombat Carnevale Rabble Rousers 13

Rabble Rousers – 27,49 Euro

While the Guild is led by secretive members of the underworld, they need numbers to stand up to the other forces of Venice. They recruit from dockworkers and craftsfolk across La Serenissima, dragging them out to fight against enemies that may or may not be worse than the Guild themselves.

With two Recruiters to get the Citizen into a frenzy and boss around any Henchmen in your list, this box adds a lot useful utility. Add to that the mobility and Bladed Oar of the Gondolier and the long-ranged support of the Arbalest and this box becomes a very useful addition to any Guild gangs, adding two Heroes and three Henchmen.

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 01 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 02 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 03 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 04 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 05 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 06 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 07 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 08 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 09 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 10 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 11 TTCombat Carnevale Unholy Mutations 12

Unholy Mutations – 27,49 Euro

The breeding practices of the Rashaar are very secretive, and best not delved into. Nonetheless, more and more mutated beings are walking the streets. Some hide their deviations behind dirty rags, and others appear only at night. These twisted forms of humanity shriek at the Rent as they pull themselves out of canals and leap across rooftops in pursuit of their prey.

For those Rashaar players wanting to make a more balanced force, this box is a brilliant addition to a gang. The two Hybrids are decent ground-level Henchmen, performing well on the land and in the water. The Lesser Ugdru excels at drowning opponents, and the two Advanced Hybrids are fast, agile, and particularly strong on the charge.

Contains 5 resin miniatures and 5 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

TTCombat Fate And Justice 01 TTCombat Fate And Justice 02 TTCombat Fate And Justice 03 TTCombat Fate And Justice 04 TTCombat Fate And Justice 05 TTCombat Fate And Justice 06

Fate & Justice – 17,99 Euro

It’s not known who Fate nor Justice were before the Rent in the Sky opened. Whether they were simply people changed by the opening of that celestial rip, none will know.

Given their stoic and universal nature though, it’s highly likely that these beings have existed for eons, and the magic of the Rent has simply given them corporeal form, or tied their essence to unlikely bystanders.

One thing is known about them though, and that’s that once Fate & Justice mark you, they will not stop until you are dead. Their relentless nature is known to all, and if you become their quarry, they will not rest nor eat, pursuing you through day and night and even solid walls until Fate reads your name in his book, or Justice strikes you down with her Sword of Balance, restoring fairness to the universe.

This set contains Fate & Justice, two Gifted for hire. These two characters act as one, trading places through the game. Fate’s slow speed is offset by magic attacks and the deadly Aura of Inevitability. Justice however favours a more direct approach, charging through walls to strike with her Sword of Balance: one of the most potent weapons in the entire game!

Fate & Justice are Gifted characters, which means that they can join the Commedia dell’Arte to make a full gang. But as Gifted, they can also be taken in any other faction, becoming a real toolbox of useful abilities depending on the situation. And remember, while only one can be in play at the same time, if that one is killed, the other always appears after!

Contains 2 resin miniatures and 2 plastic bases. Cobblestone bases pictured not included.

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  • Fate erinnert sehr stark an „Destiny“ aus den Sandman Graphic Novels des großartigen Neil Gailman.
    Finde ich spontan großartig! 😀

    • Die Gifted sind ein wenig extravagant, aber das passt ja in’s setting.

      „These two characters act as one, trading places through the game“ klingt interessant.

  • find die auch gut. frage mich aber, ob die details der haare nur aufgemalt sind oder weshalb das etwas „flach“ aussieht?

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