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Blotz: 10mm Gelände

Blotz hat neue Gebäudefronten für Spiele in 10mm im Programm.

Blotz 10mm Gebäudefronten Blotz 10mm Gebäudefronten2 Blotz 10mm Gebäudefronten3 Blotz 10mm Gebäudefronten4

Blotz – 10mm Gebäudefronten

We’ve got a 10mm / N gauge building for you today.

We were asked to make a low relief version of our 10mm Art Deco style shops for use on a model railway layout – so here it is

As with all out 10mm buildings we’ve also made the individual sections available, so you an create taller or shorter versions of the building as desired.

We’ll be doing the same thing with several of our other 10mm buildings in the near future.

Priced at £7.50 – it is now available on the Blotz website in either:
Wargames Terrain -> 10mm -> Art Deco
Model Railways -> N gauge -> Art Deco

Link: Blotz

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