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Bad Squiddo: Neue Vorbestellungen

Bei Bad Squiddo Games können jede Menge neuer Miniaturen und Bitz vorbestellt werden.

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Hooray! Wave One of Bad Squiddo Terrain is now available for pre order. If you are Salute, you can collect there or browse on the day, though pre ordering is recommended as these are expected to fly out and stocks are limited. If you are not at Salute, you can still order and they will be shipped out afterwards in date order, so get in first to be front of the queue. They will ship after Salute depending on popularity, between April and May.

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BSG Homefront 01 BSG Homefront 02 BSG Homefront 03 BSG Homefront 04

Good morning, we have some tasty treats for pre orders. Firstly, following on from our tractor collaberation with Sarissa, we now have a searchlight, woo hoo! This is available by itself (well, with it’s generator) or…. with our brand new ATS Air Defence Crews. These are available in standard uniform (including leather jerkin!) and… teddy bear jackets! Squee!

These crew don’t even need to be teamed with any equipment, they can just be out with their binoculars looking out for any trouble. Popped on a rooftop would look lovely hey.

These are available to pre order now, with collection at Salute and shipping afterwards. Go and pick some up, and then we can fund the next bigger wave of Home Front



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  • Die Schatztruhen sind super, ich habe noch kein Set gefunden das so viele unterschiedliche Truhen enthält. Schön zu sehen das es sie wieder gibt. Hoffe die Spinnen Nester kommen auch wieder.

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