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Artel „W“ Miniatures: Neuheiten

Artel „W“ Miniatures haben zwei neue Sci-Fi Miniaturen in ihrem Shop.

Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 01 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 02 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 03 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 04 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 05 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 06

Rejoice in Faith! Here come the Unforgiving Chaplain – not for absolution, but for Punishment! Or it is Grim Harbinger, prophet of Death? Now in glorious 54mm scale!

Limited Edition! Only 150 sets! Card with original art by Mikhail Savier and named sertificate with unique number included in every package.

Sculpted by Stepan Kotlyarov, based on the art by Mikhail Savier.

Miniature for wargames, roleplaying tabletops and collecting, can be assembled with many options, fitting for different settings.

Scale: 54mm

Size: 59mm to the eyes; 71mm total;

The kit contains of 13 parts, including including numerous options.

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 40mm base included

Preis: 40.00 $

Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 07 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 12 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 11 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 10 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 09 Artel W Miniatures Neuheiten 08

If you want to find something or track someone in the Outlaw world – hire the Wildling Scout from the Rat`s Tribe. Her service is not cheap – but it wotrh the price. But be aware to cheat with Children of the Rat – or they hunt you down and will suffer… `til your inevitable miserable death.

Miniature for tabletop games and collecting.

Sculpted by Anna Gorobchuk and Sergey Rynkov

Kit consists of 14 parts, including optional heads arm and head gear.

Scale: 28mm.

Size: 21mm from the feet to the eyes (sitting pose); 34mm total

Material: high quality resin.

Miniature is unpainted, unassembled, 25mm base included.

Preis: 14.99 $


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