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Anvil Industry: Daughters of the Burning Rose Teil 1

Neben ihrer neuen Webseite haben Anvil Industry auch ihre Daughters of the Burning Rose Range veröffentlicht.

Aufgrund der Menge der Veröffentlichungen haben wir uns entschieden diese aufzuteilen in mehrere Teile. So sind heute die Charaktere und Infos zur Range selbst dran.

AI The Arch Angel 1 AI The Arch Angel 2 AI The Arch Angel 3 AI The Arch Angel 4 AI The Arch Angel 5 AI The Arch Angel 6 AI The Arch Angel 7 AI The Arch Angel 8 AI The Arch Angel 9 AI The Arch Angel 10 AI The Arch Angel 11 AI The Arch Angel 12 AI The Arch Angel 13

The Arch Angel – 29,26€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Arch Angel Miniature which can be assembled with either a flaming sword and outstretched hand, or with a two-handed spear!

This is a multi part model, approx 35mm to top of head, but actually 52mm due to the flying pose. The total height is 70mm+ with a 90mm wing span, depending on the pose.

Resin in thin section (such as the wings and weapons on this model) is more fragile than plastic, so take care if you intend to game with this model!

AI Masquerade Assassin 1 AI Masquerade Assassin 2 AI Masquerade Assassin 3 AI Masquerade Assassin 4 AI Masquerade Assassin 5 AI Masquerade Assassin 6 AI Masquerade Assassin 7

Masquerade Assassin – 12,87€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Masquerade Assassin, a deadly killer with a penchant for the dramatic.

AI The Blacksmith 1 AI The Blacksmith 2 AI The Blacksmith 3 AI The Blacksmith 4 AI The Blacksmith 5 AI The Blacksmith 6 AI The Blacksmith 7

The Blacksmith – 11,70€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Blacksmith miniature which can be assembled wielding a fearsome flail, or dual wielding hammers!

AI The Burning Saint 1 AI The Burning Saint 2 AI The Burning Saint 3 AI The Burning Saint 4 AI The Burning Saint 5 AI The Burning Saint 6 AI The Burning Saint 7

The Burning Saint – 11,70€

This product contains:

  • 1 x The Burning Saint

Approx 30mm to top of head, this model is a little smaller than others in the range. Single piece resin cast.

AI The Inquisitor 1 AI The Inquisitor 2 AI The Inquisitor 3 AI The Inquisitor 4 AI The Inquisitor 5

The Inquisitor – 12,87€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Inquisitor, ready to lead the Burning Rose covenant from the front lines!

AI The Plague Doctor 1 AI The Plague Doctor 4 AI The Plague Doctor 5 AI The Plague Doctor 2 AI The Plague Doctor 3 AI The Plague Doctor 6 AI The Plague Doctor 7

The Plague Doctor – 12,87€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Plague Doctor miniature, a specialist in delivering mercy to the injured… or the damned.

AI Death 1 AI Death 2 AI Death 3 AI Death 4 AI Death 5 AI Death 6 AI Death 7 AI Death 8 AI Death 9 AI Death 10

Death – 22,24€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Death, an avatar of deadly force that fights for the Daughters of the Burning Rose with a humungous scythe!

This is a complex, highly detailed multi part resin miniature recommended for experienced model makers.

Death stands approx 56mm tall (35mm actual height). The face component is optional, so it can be left as an empty hood if prefered.

AI The Executioner 1 AI The Executioner 2 AI The Executioner 3 AI The Executioner 4 AI The Executioner 5

The Executioner – 14,04€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Executioner, a fearsome plate-clad juggernaut with an heavy executioner’s axe

AI Lightning Mage One 1 AI Lightning Mage One 2 AI Lightning Mage One 3 AI Lightning Mage One 4 AI Lightning Mage One 5

Lightning Mage One – 14,04€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Lightning Mage, a powerful wielder of ethereal energy!

A second version of this miniature is also available.

AI LIMITED EDITION Lightning Mage 300 Copies Only 1 AI LIMITED EDITION Lightning Mage 300 Copies Only 2 AI LIMITED EDITION Lightning Mage 300 Copies Only 3 AI LIMITED EDITION Lightning Mage 300 Copies Only 4

LIMITED EDITION Lightning Mage – 300 copies only! – 14,04€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Limited Edition Lightning Mage, a powerful wielder of ethereal energy!

This is a Limited Edition Special Character sculpt for our Daughters of the Burning Rose retail launch. We are only making up to 300 copies of this figure.

Orders for this model may result in a slight delay shipping your order, as we have restricted production capacity.

AI The Daemon Hunter 1 AI The Daemon Hunter 2 AI The Daemon Hunter 3 AI The Daemon Hunter 4 AI The Daemon Hunter 5

The Daemon Hunter – 14,04€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Daemon Hunter, an occult specialist that has trained to handle the most dangerous foes the Daughters of the Burning Rose are called upon to eliminate.

This model is designed to be compatible with a Burning rose power plant, if you wish to purchase some separately.

AI The Saint & The Martyr 1 AI The Saint & The Martyr 2 AI The Saint & The Martyr 3 AI The Saint & The Martyr 4 AI The Saint & The Martyr 5 AI The Saint & The Martyr 6 AI The Saint & The Martyr 7 AI The Saint & The Martyr 8 AI The Saint & The Martyr 9 AI The Saint & The Martyr 10 AI The Saint & The Martyr 11

The Saint & The Martyr – 22,24€

The Saint & The Martyr

A mortally wounded Daughter of the Burning Rose is held aloft by an angelic figure with an 85mm wingspan!

Ideal as a display painting project, or an alternative leader miniature in a table top force.

This is a highly detailed multi part resin miniature/diorama. Approx 70mm tall depending on pose of wings.

AI Lord Abbess 1 AI Lord Abbess 4 AI Lord Abbess 5 AI Lord Abbess 2 AI Lord Abbess 3 AI Lord Abbess 6 AI Lord Abbess 7

Lord Abbess – 16,38€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Lord Abbess miniature, a martial and spiritual leader of the Daughters, bringing justice, enlightenment and punishment in equal measure.

AI The Castellan 1 AI The Castellan 2 AI The Castellan 3 AI The Castellan 4 AI The Castellan 5

The Castellan – 15,21€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Castellan ‚Witch Hunter‘ which comes with a pleathora of extra options;
  • 1 x Flaming torch,
  • 1 x Sheathed sword,
  • 1 x Ornate heavy crossbow,
  • 2 x Flintlock pistols, one held in the left hand, one in the right hand

AI Daughters Standard Bearer 1 AI Daughters Standard Bearer 4 AI Daughters Standard Bearer 5 AI Daughters Standard Bearer 6AI Daughters Standard Bearer 2 AI Daughters Standard Bearer 3

Daughters Standard Bearer – 14,04€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Standard Bearer, to rally the Daughters and encourage them to even greater feats of valour!
  • Includes a set of banners of your choice, or supply your own banners and get a discount!

AI Daughters Of The Burning Rose Banners (3) 1 AI Daughters Of The Burning Rose Banners (3) 2 AI Daughters Of The Burning Rose Banners (3) 3

Daughters of the Burning Rose – Banners / Flags (3) – 4,68€

This product contains:

  • 3 x Banners / Flags, beautifully detailed with Daughters Iconography or left plain to allow for your own free-hand!

AI Gladiator Champion 1 AI Gladiator Champion 2 AI Gladiator Champion 3 AI Gladiator Champion 4 AI Gladiator Champion 5

Gladiator Champion – 12,87

This product contains:

  • 1 x Gladiator Champion, an exemplary hand-to-hand fighter with a two handed chain blade

AI The Alchemist 1 AI The Alchemist 2 AI The Alchemist 3 AI The Alchemist 4

The Alchemist – 9,36€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Alchemist miniature

One of the Characters from our Daugters of the Burning Rose range, in full medieval scientist robes and holding a chemical flask aloft for inspection.

AI The Evangelist 1 AI The Evangelist 2 AI The Evangelist 3 AI The Evangelist 4

The Evangelist – 10,53€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Evangelist, weilding an ornate Phase Arquebus and a voice-amplifying gramophone

AI The Scholar 5 AI The Scholar 6 AI The Scholar 7 AI The Scholar 8 AI The Scholar 1 AI The Scholar 2 AI The Scholar 3 AI The Scholar 4

The Scholar – 10,53€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Scholar miniature, with her faithful quill and parchment she records the battle in detail for the Daughter’s archives

AI The Seer 1 AI The Seer 2 AI The Seer 3 AI The Seer 4

The Seer – 10,53€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Seer miniature, blinded to the material, she sees only the transcendent world of the spiritual.

AI The Priest 5 AI The Priest 6 AI The Priest 1 AI The Priest 2 AI The Priest 3 AI The Priest 4 AI The Priest 7

The Priest – 10,53€

This product contains:

  • 1 x Priest, equally at peace preaching to the faithgful or chopping down heretics with an enormous chainsword!

AI Limited Edition Daughters Of The Burning Rose Artbook 1 AI Limited Edition Daughters Of The Burning Rose Artbook 2 AI Limited Edition Daughters Of The Burning Rose Artbook 3 AI Limited Edition Daughters Of The Burning Rose Artbook 4

Limited Edition Daughters of the Burning Rose Artbook – 7,02€

Limited edition A5 art book featuring over 40 pages of artwork and sketches from the Kickstarter project.

Printed on high quality matte paper for a real „pencil sketch“ like feel, this artbook features selected high quality finished artworks alongside a large range of pencil sketches and concept drawings which were produced during the development phase.

Go behind the scenes and see the creative process of the artists (Chris Worth and Thomas Elliot) from initial outline sketch to final miniature.

The first 250 customers to purchase selected Daughters products (Squads, Characters over £15 value) can opt to get a copy of the Artbook absolutely FREE using the tick boxes in the product listings.

Note that it is one free copy per customer even if you purchase multiple eligible products.

Und hier von Anvil Industry Informationen zu den Töchtern:

Daughters of the Burning Rose – Launch Info and scale comparison

In April 2018, we launched a Kickstarter project to fund the creation of the Daughters of the Burning Rose, a new range of gothic medieval warrior women crafted with the finest resin casting methods.

It was by far Anvil Industry’s most ambitious design and manufacturing project, and with the help of over 700 very patient backers, we made the range a reality!

AI Burning Rose 1

We are now delighted to make the entire range available for retail sale, including for the first time separate sprue products and some new characters and options.

The Burning Rose range contains more than 30 extremely detailed character models covering a range of themes and battlefield roles.

We also designed fully modular infantry models with rifle, melee and support variants. There are over 50,000 unique combinations of basic armour and equipment, not including the many specialist weapons.

We have designed the product categories and squad builders to be as clear as possible, but if anything looks incorrect or unclear, please get in touch at support@anvilindustry.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Scale Comparison

The scale of the range is „28mm heroic“, with a typical Daughter standing 31mm tall to the top of head, and 28mm to eye line. All the Infantry parts are interchangeable with our female regiments models, and are a similar build and proportions, though the armour obviously adds some bulk.

You can be confident that any Daughters product you order will be of the higest quality, but we know scale/proportions can be tricky given the many different manufacturers with different standards.

Clear comparison photos are best, so here we compare the new models to our existing ranges and some selected miniatures from other companies. Other companies miniatures are used without permission for the purpose of scale comparison.

AI Burning Rose 2

Above Left to right : Male Regiments Figure, Daughter of the Burning Rose with Phase Arquebus, Female Regiments Figure.

AI Burning Rose 3

Above Left to right : Corpse Grinder Cultist©Games Workshop Ltd, Old Black Ops Exo-Lord (now OOP), Daughter of the Burning Rose, NEW Exo-Lord (Coming soon!)

AI Burning Rose 4

Above Left to right : Male Regiments Figure, Cadian Guardsman©Games Workshop Ltd, Daughter of the Burning Rose, Tactical Marine©Games Workshop Ltd

AI Burning Rose 5

Left to right : Davidian©Raging Heroes. Escher Ganger©Games Workshop Ltd. Daughter of the Burning Rose

Recent/Upcoming Games Workshop Releases

From measuring photos, we estimate that the recently released/upcoming Medieval Warrior Women from Games Workshop (on 32mm bases) are approximately 35mm to the top of head, in line with GW’s recent upscaling of newer models. This makes them a little larger than our DBR range and the two ranges may look out of proportion if customers wish to mix them in the same force. This is less likely to be an issue with some of our character models like the Arch Angel, Saint & Martyr, and War Machine, where differences will be less obvious.


We hope you like our new range! We are going to be working on other big projects (like the Exo-Lords above) for the next 6 months, but we hope to return to the Daughters range in 2020 with some new miniatures and options!

We would love your suggestions for new models, or photos of your painted miniatures!

Thanks from everybody at Anvil Industry

Morgen gibt es dann die Spezialisten und normalen Truppen.

Quelle: Anvil Industry


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  • Oha. Schwierige Mischung… manches sieht richtig Klasse aus und um Längen besser als das Artwork und manches bleibt hinter dem Artwork zurück. BSP. Ist die Arch Angel Mini einfach mal cool, während das Artwork eher eine breitbeinig fallende Taube darstellt. Andersherum bei der Assassine. Da ist das Artwork cool, aber bei der Mini denke ich mir, die hätte man eleganter gestalten können. Vielen Minis merkt man auch die Ein- oder Zwei- bis Dreiteiligkeit sehr an.
    Vom Preis her kann man aber nicht viel sagen, wenn die Qualität stimmt. Wer eine Alternative Sisters Armee aufstellen möchte und mit der für mich eher durchwachsenen Range glücklich wird, macht sicher nichts falsch.

  • Ich wollte mir eigentlich ein paar Soros zulegen… aber da GW ja die Strategie der „künstlichen Verknappung“ eingeführt hat – und ich kein Interesse habe, eine Mega-Box für teures Geld zu kaufen – werde ich wohl hier zuschlagen…

    Muss im Shop mal stöbern…

    • Hätte ich auch gern getan. Aber das Gezeigte, überzeugt mich leider nicht. Möglicherweise, mal die Eine, oder andere Einzelfigur. Mal sehen.

      • Ja, mir gefällt davon nur eine… aber im Shop kann man sich seine Einheit komplett variable zusammenstellen… und ich wollte nur eine 10ern-Truppe…
        Kombiniert mit einer Chefin von Artel-W passt das dann perfekt…

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