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A Song of Ice and Fire: Neuheiten

Es gibt wieder neue Truppen für A Song of Ice and Fire.

CMoN Builder Crossbowmen 2 CMoN Builder Crossbowmen 3

A Hail of Bolts

The brotherhood of the Night’s Watch has pledged to keep Westeros safe from all the horrors that live north of The Wall. Forsaking any life they might’ve had before joining, they are entirely committed to their vows. Within their number are the Builders. They maintain the fortifications in and around The Wall, as well as all the arms and armor used by the Night’s Watch. Their forges create some of the best and hardiest gear, including the valuable crossbow. While there are the massive ballistae that act as siege weapons, as well as the Scorpions that are light enough to be taken to battle afield, they also create hand-held crossbows. They heavily train with them, becoming a fighting force of their own. Next month, Night’s Watch players will be able to add the Builder Crossbowmen to their forces. Let’s take a look at how they operate.

Being the ones that built the crossbows, the Builders are also experts in their use, having trained intensely with them. This results in the to-hit number for their crossbow attack being a 3+ and rolling seven dice when at full ranks, and even when one rank has been destroyed. The power in these “little instruments of death” is so great that they can attack at Long Range and apply Sundering. The crossbows aren’t the only armaments the Builders have. They also can go into battle wielding longswords. While they are competent in their use, the Builder Crossbowmen would still prefer to reach out and touch the enemy at range. And, if an enemy wants to do them engage via a charge, the unit’s Ready! Aim! Fire! order lets them get an extra attack in before the enemy closes in.

On the defensive side of things, the unit shows their weakness. With a Defense Save of 6+ and a Morale value of 7+, this is a unit that really does not want the enemy to attack them. Their moderate speed of 5 also means that they can’t outrun most enemy units wanting to chase them down. However, the Builder Crossbowmen would really hope that their last-ditch attack thins the enemy ranks as much as possible.

The Builder Crossbowmen are a perfect unit for Night’s Watch players who want to add some ranged attack damage to their force. They should be kept well away from the enemy, but within range of their trusty crossbows. Supported by units able to take a melee hit if necessary, they can do a lot to bring victory to the Black.

The Builder Crossbowmen will be available September 6th. Be sure to ask your LGS to get you some.


CMoN Poor Fellows CMoN Poor Fellows 2

The Strength of Faith

For some, their faith is a private matter, kept to themselves in their homes. For others, they shout their faith on the street corner for all to hear. The Poor Fellows go even further, gladly taking up arms to show that their faith is the strongest. They have 100% conviction in their beliefs, and they use that zeal on the battlefield under the banner of House Lannister. Next month, House Lannister players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will be able to add these holy warriors to their forces. Let’s take a look at how they work.

The Poor Fellows come in at five points to field. That’s a moderate point cost, lettingthem fit into many different army builds. The Poor Fellows are a unit of extremes: they have some stats that don’t seem all that great, but then they have some that are amazing, along with a pair of strong special abilities that give the unit a table presence like few others.

On the attacking side of things, the unit rolls seven dice at full ranks, but since the Poor Fellows are just people with strong convictions but little actual training (and areequipped with just whatever they could find), they only hit on a 5+. This might make players think that the unit won’t do much damage to an enemy. However, their Fanatical Zeal special ability allows them to spend a Faith Token (gained whenever they pass a Morale test) to deal D3+1 automatic Wounds to an enemy. With a good roll, they could eliminate an entire rank from an opposing unit with no chance for Defense Saves. However, the Poor Fellows unit will also suffer the same number of Wounds and deplete their own ranks as well.

Looking to the defensive side of things, the Poor Fellows have a Defense Save of 6+.That’s pretty much as bad as you can get. However, they also have a Morale value of 3+. The horrors of war hold no sway on these holy warriors. They will stay and fight until the very end. Even still, with a Defense Save of 6+ and taking Wounds from their own Fanatical Zealot ability, it might seem that the Poor Fellows will be off the table very quickly. But that’s where their Reinforcements ability comes in. The unit regains D3 Wounds whenever it activates, representing the unit converting new followers to their cause, and those Poor Fellows that were hurt but choose to carry on fighting for their religious beliefs. If the Lannister player controls the Wealthspace on the Tactics Board, the unit automatically gets 3 Wounds back. If left alone for a round or two, the Poor Fellows could be back up to full fighting strength, even if they were almost taken off the field just before.

The Poor Fellows will be a unit that is constantly gaining and losing models as the battle goes on. A smart Lannister player will know when to rush in and do damage with them, while also knowing when to keep them back and let them heal up. They also make a perfect unit to hold down an enemy. Since the unit is continually healing, it can prove difficult for an enemy to fully defeat them and move on. The Poor Fellows can be used to possibly lock an enemy in place that way (unless the opposing player wants to concede ground with a Retreat action).

These warriors of faith will be making their way to tabletops on September 6th. Be sure to ask your LGS to order you a box.


CMoN Tully Cavaliers CMoN Tully Cavaliers 2

A Fish on Horseback

The alliance between House Tully and House Stark is one of the strongest in Westeros. The two have been taking to the field together for generations. In its darkest hour, House Stark knows it can rely on House Tully to be there, sending their best troops to engage the enemy. And those best troops are arguably the Tully Cavaliers, some of the most resilient and well-trained cavalry units in the land. House Stark players will soon be able to add this stalwart unit to their ranks. Let’s take a look at what these riders can do.

If there is one thing the House Tully Cavaliers are known for, it’s their devastating charges. While cavalry units of all types are known for strong charge attacks, the Tully Cavaliers’ make any other cavalry’s charge seem quaint by comparison. On the tabletop, this is represented by the Cavalier’s Lance attack. It rolls six dice whenat full ranks and gains several bonuses when charging, including: 3 extra dice, Critical Blow, and Sundering. So, they have more dice to attack with, gain extra Hits when they roll 6s, and the enemy’s Defense Save is reduced. Truly, they can devastate an enemy formation with an attack like that. The Cavalier’s best bet is to charge in and wipe out an enemy right away.

However, assuming that doesn’t happen, the Cavaliers aren’t entirely helpless. Their own Defense Save is a very sturdy 3+ and their Morale is a 5+. The unit will not easily be taking Wounds and will be passing most Morale Tests they make, even if they are given some sort of disadvantage.

The view of a unit of Tully Cavaliers baring down on their enemies is enough to raise the morale of surrounding troops. This is brought to the tabletop via the unit’s Embolden ability. It grants other friendly units within Short Range a +1 to their Morale test rolls. This means more of the Stark player’s rolls will be successful and fewer models will be removed when a test is made. As such, the Cavaliers are a great centerpiece, literally, to any army.

For House Stark players, the Tully Cavaliers represent something they don’t yet have available to them in-faction: an extremely sturdy cavalry unit. Smart players will have the unit continually charging during the game. They can take a big chunk out of a hardy enemy unit for others to finish off. Alternatively, they can certainly deal a secondary blow to an enemy and wipe it clean off the board with their lances. Either way, they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and enemies will tremble at the sound of thundering horses approaching.

The House Tully Cavaliers will be available September 6th. Be sure to stop by your LGS and have them order a box or two for you.

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  • Also wenn ich je mit etwas anderem als GW Systemen anfange, dann das! Finde die Modelle sehr sehr schick. Ob mir das Spielsystem selbst gefällt stellt sich dann raus.

    Aber könnte natürlich auch sein, dass das in drei Monaten niemand mehr spielt. Serienhype ist ja vorbei 🤔🤗

    • Tja, gute Frage! Die Minis sind großenteils eher nach der Buchvorlage modelliert. Und erfreulich „realistisch“, also
      nicht im GW-High-Fantasy-Stil.

    • Schon mal die Bücher gelesen? Die Geschichte ist etwas umfangreicher. Die letzte Staffel war eine um das Projekt schnell zu beenden, 2 gute Staffeln mehr und es wäre ein eigenes starwars geworden (OK nicht ganz so gross). Die SW Serie schaue ich nicht, dafür haben sie got zu hart vor die wand gefahren, da möchte ich nicht sehen was sie aus SW machen.

  • Lohnt sich denn in das System einzusteigen obwohl man nicht den KS mitgemacht hat? Da sind ja so extremst viele KS-Exclusive Sachen bei dem KS dabei, da macht ein nachträglicher Einsteig irgendwie gleich von Anfang an weniger Spaß.
    Die Minis oder zumindest deren Render sehen aber gut aus

    • Einsteigen kann man sichet noch, aber für mich bleibt da auch son fader Beigeschmack. Aber ist halt Cmon, da kann man nix anderes erwarten.

      • Habe jetzt auch ein paar Spiele hinter mir und ärgere mich schon ein wenig, dass ich nicht beim Kickstarter eingestiegen bin. Als der gelaufen ist, war ich aber auch nicht wirklich überzeugt. Die Doppelungen an Modellen, die Regimentsbasen und ein paar andere Dinge wollten mir nicht gefallen. Auf der Tactica schon mal gesehen, war aber auch kein großes Interesse da. Nun habe ich es mal gespielt und war nach dem ersten Spiel wirklich angetan, hätte ich vorher nicht für möglich gehalten 🙂
        Jetzt bin ich zwar nicht im Besitz der KS Exclusives aber ich kann damit leben, immerhin bin ich jetzt ne Ecke günstiger dran, wo das Spiel im Retail ist und so wie ich das sehe ist bei den Exklusiven Miniaturen auch nicht wirklich so viel dabei, wo ich meiner Meinung nach viel verpasst habe. Gerade das Gelände fand ich nicht so toll. Btw…die alten GW Wälder machen sich sehr gut…

  • Ich spiele das Spiel seit ca. einem 3/4 Jahr und bin immer noch total davon begeistert. Es war auch das erste System was mich ausserhalb von GW mal richtig überzeugen konnte. Die Kombination aus Einheiten auf dem Feld, einem externen Taktikboard und Taktikkarten macht das Spiel taktisch sehr anspruchsvoll, obwohl die Grundregeln sehr einfach sind. In jedem Spiel habe ich mindestens einen Moment wo mein Kopf so richtig raucht, weil ich vor so vielen taktischen Möglichkeiten stehe. Das macht Spaß. 😀
    Die nur im Kickstarter erhältlichen Miniaturen sind zumindest auf Turnieren in der Regel nicht zugelassen und wir spielen auch immer ohne sie damit Leute, die nicht am Kickstarter teilgenommen werden nicht benachteiligt werden.

  • Einstieg ohne Kickstarter ist gar kein Problem.
    Da sind halt ein paar Helden drin, die man ohne Kickstarter erst Anfang nächsten Jahres kaufen kann.
    Aber wenn man mit der Nightswatch oder den Wildlingen liebäugelt, ist der Kickstarter völlig irrelevant.
    Das einzige Problem ist, dass die Produktion oder Distribution in Europa nicht richtig funktioniert und man locker 3 Monate warten darf, bis man an erschienene Modelle ran kommt, da die scheinbar in sehr kleinen Chargen an Händler geliefert werden.

  • Meiner Kenntnis nach waren im KS eigene Modelle mit alternativem Art exklusiv. Die Truppen werden alle nach und nach veröffentlicht.
    Und KS exklusives Gelände ist sicherlich nett, aber nicht nötig.

    Bin mit der Grundbox eingestiegen und habe viel Spaß mit dem System.

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