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303 Squadron: Kickstarter endet

Vielleicht kann dieser Kickstarter auf der Zielgeraden noch sein Finanzierungsziel erreichen?

303 Squadron is an intense, fast-paced board game that will push you and your plane to the limits. It is a  1-4 player experience, allowing you to play cooperatively or in a solo mode. The game is  inspired by true events: players take the role of legendary pilots from the 303 Squadron, to experience epic dogfights against Luftwaffe pilots, and – most of all – to create unforgettable stories. This is the kind of game that sparks those „Remember the time when…“ conversations.

 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 2 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 3

Das ist in der Box:

HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 4 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 5 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 6 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 7 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 8 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 9

Das ist auch noch dabei:

HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 10 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 11 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 12 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 13 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 14 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 15 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 16 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 17

Add-ons gibt es auch schon:

HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 18 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 19 HB 303 Squadron Kickstarter 20

Das Spiel soll auch auf Deutsch kommen:

The game will be available in English, Polish and Spanish, but if the numbers of backers from a given country * is over 150, the Core box and all Stretch Goals will be translated. You will choose the language of your rewards in the Pledge Manager at the end of the campaign.

Informationen zum Spiel gibt es natürlich auch:

Players take on the roles of pilots flying for the RAF during some of the busiest weeks in the Battle of Britain. Your team of pilots must work together to have any chance of success and survival. Your main game tools are cards, which you can control, and dice, that mean fate and luck both impact your success.

The game flow is an interplay between things you can choose that happen for ‘free,’ things that happen outside your control, and things you can modify using cards.

Das derzeitige Regelbuch kann hier eingesehen werden:

We are currently working on the rulebook. Please note that the PDF linked below is a prototype, and the rules currently have neither  illustrations nor a nice layout. These are not the rules as you will  receive them in your game box; however, the rules have been playtested  hundreds of times by the designer and the Hobbity team. The rules themselves have long since been approved, but we will be working with professional writers to make the language smoother and easier to follow.

Download Rulebook ver 001.pdf

Die Kampagne läuft noch grob 2 Tage und ist noch nicht ganz finanziert.

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