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Z1: Black Hallows Townsfolk Kickstarter

Von Z1 Design kommt ein Kickstarter für 28mm/32mm/75mm Stadtbewohner aus dem Fantasy Genre.

Das Projekt:

Welcome to Black Hallows, where light and dark wrestle for control, where travelers must be on their guard as even the most innocent looking old woman could be hiding a secret… let us introduce you to the Townsfolk of Black Hallows.

Z1 Black Hollows KS

The Townsfolk is a range of 14 non-player character miniatures, crafted from the highest grade, lead free Pewter (This quality of metal is normally only used for masters). They are available in either 28mm or 32mm and will come with their own base toppers and plastic bases. They are ideal for use in role playing games like D&D, Pathfinder, etc. Use them in your war games or collect and paint them for display.

28mm miniatures have 25mm plastic bases and 32mm miniatures have 32mm plastic bases.

We are also offering any of the characters in a 75mm resin version (see below). 75mm resin versions have a cast resin plinth.

All of the manufacture will be done in-house at Z1 Design, which means as soon as the first batch is ready, we can ship. So early backers can expect early delivery. We will deliver in order of backer number and it is possible that we will ship the first batch before Christmas.

Z1 Black Hollows KS2

The future of Black Hallows –

We are currently working on further characters including both townsfolk and hero characters. The main Black Hallows game is scheduled for release in 2019. This will include 4 factions and the option of an extensive range of scenery and buildings.

We also have an author working on the Novel of Black Hallows.

We have an exciting year ahead of us!


Pledge Level:

Z1 Black Hollows KS3a Z1 Black Hollows KS3bZ1 Black Hollows KS4

Stretch Goals:

Z1 Black Hollows KS5

75mm Versionen:

75mm Resin Miniatures

All of the Townsfolk are available at 75mm cast in resin. Centrifugal cast in a high quality polyurethane resin.

Just add £18 per miniature to your pledge. You can choose as many as you like from the full range.

Or you can pledge for the Collectors/ Painters Pledge which includes all 15 miniatures (including the Druid) for £240

Z1 Black Hollows KS6


Z1 Black Hollows KS7 Z1 Black Hollows KS8 Z1 Black Hollows KS9 Z1 Black Hollows KS10 Z1 Black Hollows KS11 Z1 Black Hollows KS12 Z1 Black Hollows KS13 Z1 Black Hollows KS14 Z1 Black Hollows KS15 Z1 Black Hollows KS16 Z1 Black Hollows KS17 Z1 Black Hollows KS18 Z1 Black Hollows KS19 Z1 Black Hollows KS20 Z1 Black Hollows KS21 Z1 Black Hollows KS22


Finanzierung: fast 15.000 GBP (Ziel: 10.000 GBP)

Backer: 275

Ende:  1. Oktober 2018 14:25 CEST

Quelle: Z1 Design Townsfolk KS

Link: Z1 Design auf Facebook


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  • Ich bin da mal dabei, aber dieser KS braucht dringend ein Vergleichsbild mit anderen Herstellern. Die Auswahl zwischen 28 oder 32mm Milimeter würde damit leichter fallen.

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