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X-Wing: Wave 14 Ankündigung

Fantasy Flight Games kündigen die Wave 14 für Star Wars X-Wing mit zwei neuen Sets an.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 1

“Save the Rebellion! Save the dream!”
–Saw Gerrera, Rogue One

The Death Star is nearly complete—and it’s time for battle to be joined in the skies above Jedha, Scarif, and Eadu. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the two expansion packs that make up Wave XIV for X-Wing™!

  • Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack
  • TIE Reaper Expansion Pack

With these two new expansion packs, you’re drawn directly into the breakneck starfighter conflicts of Rogue One and the beginning of the Galactic Civil War. You may fly with Saw and his partisans, willing to fight for freedom from the Empire at any cost. Or, you may join up with the Galactic Empire and ferry your elite troops into combat in a TIE reaper. No matter which side you support, the starships and upgrades of X-Wing Wave XIV take you into frantic battles for the survival of the Rebellion and the destruction of the Empire’s ultimate weapon.

You can pre-order your own copies of the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack and the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack at your local retailer or online through our website today! Then, read on for more information.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 2

Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack

Take the skies with Saw Gerrera and his renegades with the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack! Rather than introducing completely new ships to the game, this expansion follows in the vein of the Rebel Aces Expansion Pack and the Heroes of the Resistance Expansion Pack by introducing new versions of existing ships already in the service of the Rebel Alliance. In this case, you’ll find two new ship miniatures—a U-wing and a T-65 X-wing, both pre-painted in the stunning red-and-white paint scheme of Saw Gerrera’s freedom fighters.

Though the ships may be functionally the same as the ones included in previous expansions, the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack offers an assortment of ship cards featuring pilots from Saw’s motley band of warriors—or even Saw Gerrera himself, flying his powerful U-wing into your battles. Along with new ship cards for both the T-65 X-wing and the U-wing, you’ll find an arsenal of fifteen new upgrade cards, equipping your squadrons with any number of unusual tactics or system upgrades.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 3

For example, you may load one of your U-wings with the new Targeting Scrambler included in this expansion pack.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 4

In order to devote your pilot to using the Targeting Scrambler, you’ll need to give up the chance to fire this round, taking a weapons disabled token for your own ship. In exchange, however, you can choose any ship at Range 1-3 and give it the Scrambled condition.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 5

Then, when the ship that’s been Scrambled would attack your ship at Range 1, it loses any ability to modify its attack dice! If you’re using your U-wing or another ship to coordinate the battle, you may want to keep it alive for as long as possible. Scrambling the targeting systems of incoming attackers is just one way to keep your starships around for a few more turns.

With these ten ship cards and fifteen upgrade cards, plus the maneuver dials, tokens, and rules included in this expansion pack, the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack gives you everything that you need to take the fight to the Empire!

TIE Reaper Expansion Pack

Engineered as a high-performance troop transport for in-atmosphere missions, the TIE reaper also made its debut in Rogue One. Equipped with advanced ailerons for precise atmospheric maneuvering, thick armor plating, powerful laser cannons, and the capacity to carry elite infantry, this menacing vessel struck fear into Rebel forces across the galaxy.

Any TIE reaper that you choose to fly in your squadron packs a potent strike, rolling three attack dice as its primary weapon attack. A TIE reaper is not especially agile, leaving it with only a single defense die, but with six hull and two shields, these starships are durable enough to stick around on the battlefield. In fact, TIE reapers bring something quite special to your Imperial X-Wing squadrons. This ship bears the unusual jam action that lets you jam nearby ships and prevent them from using a focus, evade, or target lock—opening a wealth of tactical opportunities when you’re building your squad or flying into battle.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 6

Due to its primary nature as a troop carrier, it makes perfect sense that the TIE reaper has two crew upgrades as its upgrade slots. You may choose to fly Emperor Palpatine himself into combat in a TIE reaper, or you may use it as it was first deployed in Rogue One: to carry Director Krennic’s Death Troopers into combat.

Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 7 Fantasy Flight Games X Wing X Wing Wave XIV 8

Death Troopers take up both of the TIE reaper’s crew upgrades, but they give you an undeniable reward for coming into close combat. The Death Troopers card reads, “After another friendly ship at Range 1 becomes the defender, if you are inside the attacker’s firing arc at Range 1-3, the attacker receives 1 stress token.” By dumping more stress onto your opponent’s ships, you’re limiting their options and giving yourself a better chance of coming out victorious.

In the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack, you’ll find the pre-painted TIE reaper miniature, four different ship cards, eleven upgrade cards, a maneuver dial, and all the other tokens that you need to bring the Empire’s deadliest troopers into the heat of battle.

I Will Not Fail

From the low-flying infiltration of the Imperial base on Eadu, to the frantic starfighter battles in the skies above Scarif, X-Wing Wave XIV takes you into some of the most desperate and dangerous action of Rogue One. Choose your side, get your pilots to their ships, and take to the skies!

You can pre-order the Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack (SWX74) and the TIE Reaper Expansion Pack (SWX75) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Asmodee.

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  • Der Tie-Reaper sieht interessant aus, leider so interessant das wohl damit der Tie-Bomber als Transporter tot ist … Als günstiges Doomshuttle auch ggf brauchbar

  • Beim Tie Reaper hatten wohl der Millennium Falcon und der Tie Fighter ein Baby. 😁

    Verstehe aber wieder nicht, warum der U-Wing auf ein großes Base und der Reaper auf ein kleines kommt.

    T-65 habe ich inzwischen auch mehr als genug, keine Ahnung, wie oft den FFG noch unter‘s Volk bringen will.

  • Na endlich, kommt der TIE Reaper wurde auch verdammt noch mal Zeit und er hat einen haufen Imperialer Crew Mitglieder im Gepäck, was ich auch super finde, da das Imperium schon sehr unter fehlender Crew leidet. Die Partisanen sind schon okay, hätte ich mir wohl auch geholt aber für den Anfang gehts erstmal nur um den Reaper für mich. FFG bleibt aber seiner „Asse-Box“-Politik treu: Alle 2 Jahre gibts da was, was mich zumindest hoffen lässt, dass man bald auch eine 3. Imperiale Asse Box erhält. Themen gibts ja aktuell genug: Inferno Squad, Defenders of Scarif etc. … wenn es FFG jetzt nur noch schaffen würde, Krennics Shuttle und den AAL der First Order zu bringen wäre ich sehr glücklich. Zukünftig hoffe ich dann noch auf den First Order Bomber aus Ep. VIII und dem Neuen TIE aus dem Solo Film.

  • Irgendwie ist für mich als Casual Spieler bei den Fliegern die Luft raus.
    Immer wieder bekannte Flieger nur in neuer Farbe.
    Da ich nicht jede Karte brauche schreit beim Renegades Pack so garnichts „Kauf mich!“. Ich hab eh mehr als genug X-Wing.

  • Warte im Moment auf Star Eagles, vllt. kommt dann nochmal die Lust die Schiffe aus der Vitrine zu nehmen und eventuell auch noch welche zu kaufen.

  • Also ich hab ja schon von einer Rot-Grün Schwäche gehört, aber eine Rot-Schwarz Schwäche ist mir neu.
    Oder wie kommt man auf diesen Text:
    „a U-wing and a T-65 X-wing, both pre-painted in the stunning red-and-white paint scheme of Saw Gerrera’s freedom fighters“

    Und warum steht eigentlich der U-Wing auf dem dritten Bild auf einem hochskalierten X-wing Plättchen 🙂

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