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Wild Assent: Erste Previews

Lazy Squire Games zeigt erste Previews für das geplante Brettspiel Wild Assent.

Lazy Squire Wild Assent Lazy Squire Wild Assent2 Lazy Squire Wild Assent3 Lazy Squire Wild Assent4 Lazy Squire Wild Assent5

Wild Assent: Gurantev

Wild Assent is a 1-5 player board game featuring highly detailed miniatures and strategic turn-based combat. Crush your enemies in the gladiatorial arenas of the Silvestrem or gather your allies and hunt monsters in the Wilds for gold and glory!

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Check out Gurantev, the Ashcarii Guardian, from different angles as we test out different rendering options.

… außerdem gibt es noch Concept Art des Spiels zu bewundern:

Lazy Squire Wild Assent20 Lazy Squire Wild Assent19 Lazy Squire Wild Assent18 Lazy Squire Wild Assent17 Lazy Squire Wild Assent15

Link: Lazy Squire Games FB

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