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Weekly Watchdog: Archbishop Pape Nurgle

Irgendwie müssen wir echt wieder mehr Weekly in diesen Watchdog bringen… Aber immerhin gibt es heute reichlich Keime und Krankheitserreger…

Heute nehmen wir einige Werke von „Tupavkos Madness“ unter die Lupe, allen voran der absolut geniale Archbishop of Nurgle:

Tupavko Archbishop Pape Nurgle 1 Tupavko Archbishop Pape Nurgle 2 Tupavko Archbishop Pape Nurgle 3

And finally my Archbishop Pape Nurgle is done! It’s been in very long journey over 30h of sculpting and an unknown amount of painting hours finally got go an end. I must admit I really live the original GW’s sculpt it’s a really great sculpt and kit!

So sah das ganze vor der Bemalung aus:

Tupavko Archbishop Pape Nurgle 4

Since it’s been almost two years since I last posted something, I needed a really impressive model for my return to the hobby scene.

Long story short, I’m building a Maggotkin army for my AoS games, and as most of you can imagine, it is a themed army, and it has to be a grim dark one. So after some thinking and many good idea like religious zealots, Nurgle’s burocracy, Khingtly orders of Nurgle etc, I dediced to merge them all and so The Court of the Beggar King was born.
NB – For those of you who might remember I already made the Beggar King many years ago as Nurgle BSB, but eventually I turned him into a Harbinger of Decay (I’ll post him soon again).

But today I’m presenting you, mu King’s personal advisor and chief courtier: the Bishop Pape Nurgle .No court is such, without clergy, so the idea was to have a high advisor from a religious order, and I though it might be cool to make him huge, so a GUO was the obvious answer. But as I said, I had many ideas on how to theme my army, and I though well, he can be an advisor and the state burocracy in the same time since monasteries were the centers of knowledge and burocracy in the Middle ages, and everything else came along: a GUO, looking like a bishop with a Nurgling monastery inside him…

Ein weiteres Modell von Tupavko ist der Beggar King:

Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 1 Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 2 Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 3 Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 4 Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 5 Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 6 Tupavko The Beggar King Nurgle Herald 7

Und dann ist da noch der Mech-Lord Archmagos Prime Asimov


Auf der Facebook-Site von Tupavkos Madness gibt es noch viel mehr zu entdecken, ein Blick lohnt sich!

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