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Warploque: Neuer Waldtroll

Bei Warploque Miniatures wurde der alte Waldtroll durch einen neuen ersetzt.

WM TrollNeu1 WM TrollNeu2 WM TrollNeu3

„Amongst the mighty trees of Mildaark dwell the Forest Trolls, some of the largest of the troll-kin. Their bodies have evolved to blend in with their environment, with moss, fungus and even small trees growing amongst the matted hair covering their massive frames. They use this camoflage to conceal themselves from unsuspecting prey as they lie in wait, often for days at a time.
Unlike most trolls they are omnivorous, supplementing their diet of meat with roots, leaves and even the bark and branches of trees. They are sometimes attracted to travelling warbands, where they are utilsed as beasts of war – smashing apart the enemy with sweeping blows and goring them with their tusks.
The model, cast in fine resin, is supplied unpainted and unassembled. 60mm base included.

Der Troll kostet 20,00 Pfund.

Link: Warploque Miniatures


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