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Victrix: Römer und Griechen Preview

Victrix Limited zeigen auf Facebook Previews kommender Kavallerie für Griechen und Römer. 

VictrixLimited GreekLightCav Prev01 VictrixLimited GreekLightCav Prev02 VictrixLimited GreekLightCav Prev03 VictrixLimited GreekLightCav Prev04 VictrixLimited GreekLightCav Prev05

Now the festive season is a dim and distant memory it is time for a few announcements.

Attached to this post is the tool layout of the Greek Light Cavalry set. This digital file has now been sent to the tool room and the CNC milling machines will shortly start cutting the tool.

Also attached is the 3rd figure for the Republican Roman Cavalry set. There is one more officer figure to sculpt and then this set will be complete.

The set has 4 riders, 4 horses. The officer will be in a breastplate and there will be 4 officer figures in the set. He has been designed in such a way as the extra officer figures can be used as Carthaginian Noble cavalry of Later Successor Xystophoroi with the addition of parts from the Carthaginian set or Macedonian cavalry set. He could also be used for more Roman Command figures.

Once this set is complete the design team will start looking at the Celtic War Chariot.

If you have any questions rather than putting them on Facebook please e mail me direct at Victrix.

Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook


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  • Schöne Renders, die wahrscheinlich auch zu schönen Minis werden,. Für meinen Geschmack aber arg statische Posen.

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