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Victrix: Previews

Victrix zeigt ein Preview der bald erscheinenden Ancient Germanic Warriors.

Victric Ancient Germanics Warriors

Ancient Germanic Warriors – Preview

Here we have some of the first renders of our upcoming ‘Ancient Germanic Warriors’ set. The time frame for these is 1st Century BC to 1st Century AD. Therefore, they can fight Caesarian Romans and Early Imperial Romans, plus fight as Auxiliaries for the Romans and Allies of the Dacians.

These are the first sculpts by our new sculptor Jason. Mainly working over and adapting from the Gallic sculpts to enable him to get into the house style more quickly, and he is doing a great job. There are plenty more head, arm and weapon options, this is just a small sample of the possibilities from the 8 bodies on the main warrior frame.

He will be working on the command frame next which will have some armoured figures on it and some captured Roman equipment.

We have noticed that the heads are a little too large but this will be easily rectified before we go to tooling.

For those eagerly awaiting Later Germanics have no fear, they will be coming.

Victrix Saxxon Preview

Saxon Fyrd – Preview

The second Saxon Fyrd is now complete and the third is nearly complete and we hope to show images in the next 48 hours.

We have had a small software glitch with the Early Imperial Roman Cavalry with the shields being a little too thin. Therefore, the tool room will thicken the moulding cavities over the next couple of days. This set will be on sale very soon, details to follow.

We will also show images of the shield transfers for the EIR Cavalry in the next couple of days.

In the meantime here are some elephants….

Victrix Elefanten Victrix Elefanten2 Victrix Elefanten3 Victrix Elefanten4 Victrix Elefanten5

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