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Vanguard Miniatures: Novan Elites Eagle Dropship

Vanguard Miniatures haben ihr jetzt ihr „Novan Elites Eagle Dropship“ in ihrem Shop.

Vanguard Miniatures Novan Elites Eagle Dropship 01 Vanguard Miniatures Novan Elites Eagle Dropship 02 Vanguard Miniatures Novan Elites Eagle Dropship 03 Vanguard Miniatures Novan Elites Eagle Dropship 04 Vanguard Miniatures Novan Elites Eagle Dropship 05

The Novan Elites make use of many types of aircraft including fighters, bombers, shuttles, heavy landers and dropships, the Eagle is a medium class dropship capable of fighting its way past an orbital blockade to deliver a full Maniple of Elites infantry to a planetary surface under combat conditions. Heavily armed and armoured this aerospace craft is also a supremely powerful air asset in its own right. The main dorsal turret can be fitted with a variety of different weapon systems, including an accurate and hard-hitting heavy laser cannon, allowing it to engage heavily fortified orbital and surface positions, as well as enabling ground-support “pylon runs” to strike hardened surface targets. Secondary weapons include supplemental wing-mounted laser cannon and air to ground missile clusters. Close in defence and landing zone suppression is provided by automated heavy machine gun turrets. Even a single Eagle dropship is likely to prove to be an incalculably valuable asset to any Elites battle group.

This set consists of one resin cast model made up of the follow:

1 x Eagle hull

7 x Eagle component sprues

Dimensions: Length 92mm nose to rear thrusters, Wing span 90mm, Height 28mm bottom of landing gear to rear stabiliser wing.

Preis: 28.00 GBP


Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures


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  • Mal ganz ehrlich, da würde ich es verstehen wenn GWs Rechtsabteilung mal draufhaut. So schön dass Modell ja ist die Ähnlichkeiten zum Thunderhawk liegen bei grob 99,74318%.

      • Naja, ich hab nur an das Vorgängermodell Bulwark gedacht, in etwa die gleiche Länge und Breite und kostet 16 Pfund, hat aber vermutlich weniger Masse als der Eagle.

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