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Vanguard Miniatures: Backer’s Update

Vanguard Miniatures haben ein neues Backer’s Update gepostet.

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More campaign castings have arrived.

Backer’s update,

Thought i’d post up some pictures of the latest castings that have come in I will be sorting over these and bagging up as normal over the coming week, hope to see the last of the outstanding castings arriving within the next two weeks fingers crossed.

Currently have 25 more pledges ready to ship by weeks end with more to follow the week after with luck. The desire is to be able to complete all orders by the end of May.

So pictures here we have the Urban regulars sets which we have converted to single sided sprues which has resulted in excellent casts, it’s the way forward for sure. Also the female political officers, Eloi Phase Walkers and Tainted aircraft for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for your continued patience.

Kind regards John


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  • Ja, die Cadianer haben schon eine tolle Qualität. Ich bin grad am überlegen, was ich mit meinen alten unbemalten GW-Chaos-Marines machen soll. Neue von Vanguard sind schon bestellt, aber vielleicht will ich eines fernen Tages eine zweite Chaosarmee aufbauen 🙂 aber andererseits muss ich noch 2 x Imperial Guard, 2 x Space Marines, eine Tau- und eine Necron-Armee bemalen. Zum Glück bin ich nur bei 6mm unterwegs.

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