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Twisted: Neue Previews

Demented Games zeigen auf Facebook Previews neuer Verstärkungen für Twisted.


Twisted Travellers Prev

Monkey’s Troupe of Travellers – coming soon to Twisted! 👹

Tricia Harker, Monkey, Pigsty and Tzandi. Thought you might like to check out a quick ‚desk pic‘!

These are production resin casts, awesome quality and kudos to the casting crew at Valiant Enterprises and Magos Miniatures

Twisted Urkins Prev

What the Dickens?! Nigel, lock up the good silverware and call the bobbies – those dratted urkin are on the loose again! 🧐

Here’s another teaser ‚desk pic‘ of the new urkin coming to reinforce the Dickensians: Ratcatcha, Dawg & Flea, Rozzer, Shrike and Jack’O. What a group of miscreants eager to cause all sorts of trouble on the tabletop!

These are all production resin casts made by the fantastic Magos Miniatures here in Australia – the highest quality resin casting I’ve ever seen. 👏

Coming soon to Twisted!

Quelle: Twisted auf Facebook


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