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Relicblade: Neue Fraktionssets

Für Relicblade gibt es jetzt neu Fraktions Startersets

RB Battle Pig Faction Set

Battle Pigs (35$)

Wrath is your name. Havoc is your fate! There is chaos in the winds and destruction in your path. Seize your destiny and force the world to kneel. The savage pig men were forged in hate. They are the scourge of the earth. Organized under a powerful warlord they are a brutal force of both martial precision and crushing brutality. Raise the banner of the swine lord, provoke open war, and destroy those who defy your dominion!

RB Battle+Pigs RB Painted Pig RB Warlord Back RB Warlord Render

Faction Expansion Contents

  • 5 Character Cards
  • 5 Upgrade Cards
  • 1 Pig Warlord
  • 3 Battle Pigs
  • 18 Unique Equipment Options!
  • Special Scenario: Battlegrounds

RB Bone And Darkness Faction Set

Bone and Darkness (35$)

Mysterious skull faced villains stalk the wild-lands.

These dark wanderers are an evil threat unlike anything we’ve seen before. Wielding horrible bone-magic, a new form of necromancy, the dark lords spur unnatural growth to create mutated skeletal monstrosities. The resulting horrors are rabid living-bone creatures of unrelenting fury.

Command these monstrosities to carve a cruel domain of Bone and Darkness.

The Bone and Darkness expansion introduces the new construct character type. Constructs have no life of their own and enter play inert. Through the application of specific magic, players will be able to bring these creatures to bare against their foes. Constructs are a powerful addition to your war band for relatively few points. The real cost to your war party will be what it takes to keep the terrible bone construct empowered. Constructs can only be removed from play by magical attacks while inert, and will likely remain a relevant game-changing piece through the entire battle.

RB Faction Set Bone And Darkness RB Faction Set Bone And Darkness Stalker And Construct RB Faction Set Bone And Darkness Watcher And Stalker

Faction Expansion Contents

  • 5 Character Cards
  • 5 Upgrade Cards
  • 1 Dark Wanderer / Watcher
  • 2 Bone Stalker
  • 1 Bone Construct (large 40mm)
  • Special Scenario: The Dark Ritual

RB Lone Guard Faction Set

The Lone Guard (35$)

These are dark days, but there are a brave few who stand against the darkness.

The lone guard are an ancient order of ever vigilant rangers and warriors. These frontiersmen travel hidden paths with deadly purpose to forge a new destiny.

These intrepid warriors are aided by bold companions. Both the stalwart Billman and the savage Sabertooth lend aid to the noble cause.

The Lone Guard expansion introduces the new companion character type. Companions operate in tandem with the character that hires them. A skilled billman can be attached to your hero for a few extra points. These two characters can activate together to use their skills and abilities to achieve incredible things.

RB Lone Guard Groupshot RB Faction Set The Lone Guard RB Faction Set The Lone Guard Warrior RB Faction Set The Lone Guard Ranger

Faction Expansion Contents

  • 4 Character Cards
  • 6 Upgrade Cards
  • 1 Lone Guard Ranger Miniature
  • 1 Lone Guard Warrior Miniature
  • 1 Billman Companion Miniature
  • 1 Sabertooth Companion Miniature
  • Special Scenario: The Signal Fire

RB Wilderkin Faction Set

Wilderkin (35$)

The wilderkin are individuals of fay ancestry caught in the serpentine paths of fate. Their lives are forever intertwined in the intricate patterns of an altered world. From the towering Stonekin to the minuscule gnome, the wilderkin take many forms. These strangers bear wondrous powers of otherworldly origin. Entangle yourself in the strange motives of the inscrutable wilderkin.

RB 26804551 1994191203954485 1143190139799312078 N RB Alchemist RB Geom RB Stonekin

Faction Expansion Contents

  • 5 Character Cards
  • 5 Upgrade Cards
  • 1 Wild Elf Geomancer
  • 2 Stone Spires
  • 1 Gnome Alchemist with Shadow Fox Mount
  • 1 Stonekin Battleborn (large 40mm)
  • Special Scenario: The Glade Warden

RB Wretched Hive Faction Set

The Wretched Hive (35$)

Delve into the sinister underworld that exists on the fringes of society. The nomadic iguan are a dangerous lot who yield at nothing in their bid for survival. The iguan witch, who’s mind is linked to the primordial deep ones, leads her followers in their savage endeavor. These pitiless warriors work in tight packs supporting one another to deadly effect. In the absence of true justice, cruelty is law and only the strong survive.

RB Screen+Shot+2018 04 19+at+4.05.04+PM RB Basilisk RB Iguan Witch RB Wretched Hive

Faction Expansion Contents

  • 4 Character Cards
  • 6 Upgrade Cards
  • 1 Iguan Witch
  • 1 Iguan Poacher
  • 1 Iguan Slaver
  • 1 Mangrove Basilisk (large 40mm)
  • Special Scenario: The Slave Raid

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Jungredakteur für den Brückenkopf - Spielt: Viel Warmachine (Convergence of Cyriss / Minions), fast alles andere was Privateer so vertreibt, wenn es sich ergibt auch mal Infinity (Tohaa) oder irgendwas mit meinen Skelett Horden.

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