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Stonehaven: Adventurers 2018 Kickstarter

Neuer Miniaturen Kickstarter von Stonehaven Miniatures.

Wer noch Mitstreiter für seine Frostgrave Banden, Modelle für Dragon Rampant, oder einfach nur schicke Fantasy Miniaturen sucht, der könnte eventuell beim neuen Kickstarter von Stonehaven Miniatures fündig werden! Diese möchten mit Ihrer aktuellen Kampagne, verschiedene ‚Abenteurer Gruppen‘ anbieten, welche aus verschiedenen Rassen & Klassen bestehen werden, aber seht selbst 🙂 …

Stonehaven Stonehaven Ks 2 Stonehaven Ks 1

The most effective and interesting parties contain a variety of characters: characters with different alignments and goals, characters with personalities that clash and resonate in unexpected ways, and characters with stories worth retelling again and again. These stories can include sorcerers with dark secrets, rogues who covertly steal from paladins and clerics, or waifs who fall in love with high elf nobles. Parties that create conflict, fascination, and spectacle are built out of contrasts and compliments.

With the Stonehaven Adventurers 2018 project, we are creating Adventuring Parties that have a mix of races and classes. We want to make a lot of miniatures, so we will be adding additional minis via stretch goals as the total pledge amount grows. The stretch goal miniatures will be grouped into adventuring parties whenever 5 new minis are added to the project. The minis can also be added individually with prices dependent on size (dragons?). 

Human, dwarf, half-elf, and owlfolk sized miniatures: $5

Kobold and goblin sized miniatures: $4

Grippli and modron sized miniatures: $3

The miniatures will be made of 100% lead free pewter, and some assembly will be required. They will be scuplted on the standard 28 mm scale. Round bases will be included. 

And now we present your initial Adventuring Parties!


Stonehaven Ks 3


Pictured from left to right: Male Human Ranger, Male Goblin Archer, Female Human Sorcerer, Female Grippli Druid, Male Human Adept.

When the west gate was breached, a handful of citizens held the gap for hours while the city’s beleaguered engineers moved the chevaux de frise into place. The survivors of that fateful day still meet yearly at the Westgate Tavern to commiserate and remember those who fell.


Stonehaven Ks 4


Pictured from left to right: Male Kobold Monk, Male Human Berserker, Male Owlfolk Wizard, Male Grippli Mage, Female Half-elf Monk.

Ever since the hordes of Orcs swarmed from the great city following the call of the All-Render, Ermcrest, once an Orcish slum, has become a haven for criminals and others seeking to avoid the watchful eyes of the law. Despite the borough’s ill-repute, efforts are being made to establish a semblance of order. The Ermcrest Volunteer Watch does its best to keep the peace, to little effect.


Stonehaven Ks 5


Pictured from left to right: Female Human Thief (locked), Female Half-Elf Witch with Ferret, Male Owlfolk Rogue, Male Kobold Fighter, Male Dwarf Ranger.

The Skull Stabbers are a ragtag group of thieves and would-be assassins looking to make a name for themselves. Assembled by the now infamous Ralph the Old, they are available for hire to stab things, especially skulls, and all at a budget rate!

Folgende Pledge Levels gibt es:

Mindestbeitrag: 8 US$ (ungefähr 7 €)


Pick one adventurer created by this project as your reward.


  • Adventurer

Mindestbeitrag: 12 US$ (ungefähr 10 €)

Dynamic Duo

Pick two adventurers created by this project as your reward.


  • 2× Adventurer

Mindestbeitrag: 21 US$ (ungefähr 18 €)

Join The Party

Choose an Adventuring Party produced by this project as your reward.


  • Adventuring Party

Mindestbeitrag: 38 US$ (ungefähr 32 €)

Two Party System

Choose two Adventuring Parties produced by this project as your reward.


  • 2× Adventuring Party

Mindestbeitrag: 55 US$ (ungefähr 47 €)

Rule of Thirds

Choose three Adventuring Parties produced by this project as your reward.


  • 3× Adventuring Party

Mindestbeitrag: 71 US$ (ungefähr 61 €)

Fourth Element

Choose four Adventuring Parties produced by this project as your reward.


  • 4× Adventuring Party

Natürlich gibt es auch diverse Stretchgoals, von denen einige sogar schon freigeschaltet werden konnten:

 Stonehaven Ks 7 Stonehaven Ks 14 Stonehaven Ks 13 Stonehaven Ks 12 Stonehaven Ks 11 Stonehaven Ks 10 Stonehaven Ks 9 Stonehaven Ks 8


Die Kampagne steht aktuell (Stand 28.05.18) bei 10.890 € und ist somit, sogar bereits finanziert. Wer nun Interesse an den wirklich charaktervollen Miniaturen von Stonehaven bekommen hat, der sollte den Kickstarter definitiv im Auge behalten. Die Kampagne läuft noch für 25 Tage :)!

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  • Also die Preise nenne ich sehr fair, aber der Stil der Miniaturen ist halt sehr alt und nicht mehr ganz mein Ding, nach so Firmen wie Sukubus Studio, Greebo Miniatures, RN Estudio oder Scale 75. Oder die mit dem aktuell besten Herstellungssystem Protosgames…

  • Witzig, ich finde ganz im Gegenteil den Stil relativ erfrischend und neu 😀 Insbesondere bei diesen „Fabelwesen“. Da könnte sicherlich das ein oder andere Figürchen später mal seinen Weg zu mir finden, einen Kickstarter lasse ich aber vorerst wohl aus 🙂

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