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Stoessi’s Heroes: November Neuheiten

Stoessi’s Heroes haben ab sofort ihre November Neuheiten in ihrem Shop.

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Canadian Private Léo Major One-Eyed One-Man Army
Shortly after D-Day, a grenade blinded Léo Major in his left eye, but that did not stop him from becoming a true hero.
In April 45, Leo Major was supposed to scout the city of Zwolle, but instead he proceeded to run throughout the city firing his guns, throwing grenades and making so much noise that he fooled the Germans into thinking that the Canadian Army was storming the city. He located the Gestapo HQ and set the building on fire and also destroyed the local SS HQ.

Preis: 5,90 EUR

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Soviet Army Platoon Commander Yevdokiya Zavaliy
When bombers flattened her village in 1941, she persuaded the commander of a cavalry regiment to take her with them to the front line, claiming to be 18 years old when she was in fact 16. In 1943, she was appointed the one and only female commander of a marines platoon. Her platoon was repeatedly deployed to the forefront of the most intense fighting, where Zavaliy led her men in daring attacks on German lines, taking part in the defense of the Caucasus, the battle for Crimea and ultimately the Soviet expansion across Eastern Europe.
She became so feared by German soldiers that they nicknamed her “Frau Black Death”.

Preis: 5,90 EUR

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German Hauptmann Günther Viezenz
Günther Viezenz was a Hauptmann (Captain) of 10th Company, Grenadier-Regiment 7 of the 252nd Infantry-Division. No German soldier was awarded more Tank Destruction Badges than him: he destroyed single handedly 21 enemy tanks with close combat weapons such as handgrenades, panzerfaust, t-mines or hollow charges.
This was the highest number of enemy tanks destroyed single-handedly by an individual. He was awarded the “Tank destruction Badge” in Gold (4x) and in Silver (1x). This award was not given to anti tank units.

Preis: 5.90 EUR


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