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Statuesque Miniatures: Neuheiten

Statuesque Miniatures haben neue Sets mit Sci-Fi Köpfen im Shop.

Statuesque Miniatures Neuheiten 01 Statuesque Miniatures Neuheiten 02 Statuesque Miniatures Neuheiten 03

Encased in environment suits and swollen to a massive size by a regime of drugs and arcane technology, the Heroic Scale Female Heads – Techno Roiders set is designed to allow you to convert your large, armoured super-soldiers.

Please note, these heads are larger than the existing Heroic Scale Female Heads range.

  • 10 metal female heads.

The SMA311 Heroic Scale Female Heads – Techno Roiders set is priced at £4.95.

  • Purchase 2  or 3 SMA311 sets for £4.70 per set.
  • Purchase 4 or more sets for only £4.45 per set!

Statuesque Miniatures Neuheiten 04 Statuesque Miniatures Neuheiten 05

The Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW – Veterans set is designed to allow you to convert your heroic scale miniatures with a variety of characterful details.

Whereas the SMA301-307 Heroic Scale range is great for converting heavily armoured space knights or troopers in fatigues and body armour, the Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW – Veterans set is designed specifically for converting heroic scale female figures, or more slight heroic scale figures in general.

  • 10 metal female heads.

The SMA354 Heroic Scale Female Head NARROW – Veterans set is priced at £4.75.

  • Purchase 2  or 3 SMA354 sets for £4.50 per set.
  • Purchase 4 or more sets for only £4.25 per set!


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