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Starcadia Quest: Kickstarter läuft

Der Kickstarter zum neuen CMoN Projekt läuft!

The smash hit Arcadia Quest series goes to space!

Starcadia Quest is an action-packed board game where 2 to 4 players control Crews of Heroes in a sci-fi campaign to defeat the foes of the Starcadian Alliance. As alien monsters react to the heroes‘ actions, no one is stuck playing the role of game master. But don’t kid yourselves: the Crews are not working together at all! Only one intrepid Crew will be ultimately victorious, so players must battle each other as well as against monstrous enemies.

Set in the same colorful universe as the highly-acclaimed Arcadia Quest game series, Starcadia Quest is an all-new standalone entry that draws from the electrifying gameplay from its fantasy counterpart, optimizes the experience, and takes it to a universe where no Hero has gone before!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 1 CMoN Starcadia Quest 2 CMoN Starcadia Quest 3

Heroes come from all quadrants of the Galaxy, each bringing unique abilities (not to mention their charming personality!) to their Crews. But it’s not all fun and adventures in Space. Supreme Commander Thorne, a cold-hearted mastermind has assembled an army of some of the most nefarious creatures to do his bidding and the Alliance is the only thing standing in his way to bring „order“ to the Galaxy.

CMoN Starcadia Quest 4 CMoN Starcadia Quest 6

Speaking of order, the introduction of a modular Monster dashboard allows players to deploy a variety of different monsters from Thorne’s preposterous army, making each play session unique!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 7

In Starcadia Quest, pre-game time is fast and simple. While the ancestral Arcadians resorted to books and scrolls, in Starcadia many elements of the board are conveniently displayed on the Game Tiles, and all information needed to prepare a scenario comes in a single Setup card, ensuring players are ready to roll in an instant! Plus, the latest Intergalactic Census shows a roaring approval for the added personality that each area of the space station now has, with their own tasteful decorations that provide neat game effects.

CMoN Starcadia Quest 8

While on their galactic exploits, players attempt to defeat enemies and collect shiny new gear while accomplishing Quests across a variety of scenarios that span a branching campaign that narrates the Crew’s epic endeavor against Thorne. Quests have to be completed in Order, unfolding the story being played. Each scenario won takes the Crew one step closer to becoming the most notable, the most courageous – and of course – the most gallant Crew in the entire universe!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 9

The final frontier can be a scary, unpredictable place at times. Like, at every turn. Literally. At the end of every turn, players draw and play Event cards, which not only activate or spawn monsters on the board (I did say it could be a scary place, didn’t I?) but also introduce unexpected and wacky effects! The whole station may bump into an asteroid sending people flying all over the place and, occasionally, there may be an electrical failure that zaps those unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 10

Ever since the first fancy blades and armored vests were crafted in Arcadia, the Guilds have enjoyed the finest weaponry around. Fast-forward a few millenia and, well, that still holds true! The Crews have at their disposal the latest cutting-edge technology, from laser pistols to holo-swords. There’s always new loot to seek that will appeal to everyone’s tastes!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 11

Und das ist im Core Pledge drin:

CMoN Starcadia Quest 12 CMoN Starcadia Quest 13 CMoN Starcadia Quest 14

The Starcadia Quest core box comes with:

  • 30 Highly-Detailed Plastic Figures
  • 10 Game Tiles
  • 10 Custom Dice
  • 8 Counter Bases
  • 4 Crew Dashboards
  • 4 Crew Shuttles
  • 1 Monster Dashboard
  • 220 Tokens
  • 77 Cards
  • 1 Campaign Sheet Pad
  • 1 Rulebook

CMoN Starcadia Quest 15

Find out more about these Optional Buys in the following links: Brandalyn & Jakob, Cury & Yuri.

Space can be a wild place, however,  and a pirate raid is always just around the corner!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 16

Captain Wet Willy has an eye for a prize: YOUR prize! At last, all pirates are united under his black flag, and they really don’t care much who they’re looting today. The Starcadian battle against Thorne is exactly the distraction they needed to loot ALL THE THINGS!

Starcadia Quest: ARRRmada is a plug-and-play expansion box that adds a whole new set of perils to the game. A gang of Pirate enemies have reached the Starcadian Alliance, and if left alone they will board the station, fire their turbo lasers, and loot all precious things!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 17 CMoN Starcadia Quest 18

Luckily for the Alliance, two new intrepid Heroes have followed Captain Wet Willy and are ready to join the Crews!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 19 CMoN Starcadia Quest 20

The most striking new feature of the ARRRmada expansion, however, is its brand new Pirate Corvette, a dashboard designed not only to hold cards and miniatures of enemies but also to track and activate the Pirate Assault cards, a special deck that governs the Pirates‘ dastardly actions against the space station!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 21

ARRRmada is a modular expansion that can be plugged into and played with any other Starcadia scenario – but players must be extra careful when facing Pirates: for each Pirate Assault card that is activated while any Pirates are on the board, they will steal away some of the Upgrade tokens that would have otherwise been available loot for players!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 22

Featuring a brand new Campaign with 6 new Scenarios against Captain Wet Willy and his mates, new Upgrade tokens and 3 new Game Tiles, ARRRmada offers a ton of new content to your Starcadia experience!

CMoN Starcadia Quest 23

ARRRmada comes with:

  • 12 Highly-Detailed Plastic Figures
  • 3 Game Tiles
  • 41 Cards
  • 22 Upgrade Tokens
  • 1 Pirate Corvette Dashboard
  • 1 Campaign Sheet Pad

CMoN Starcadia Quest 24

Space Oddities Pledge – $80

Backers with a Space Oddities Pledge will receive a copy of the Starcadia Quest core box, the Kickstarter Exclusive Hero Major Tomm, plus all applicable Stretch Goals.

CMoN Starcadia Quest 25

Having floated around the galaxy in his „tin can“ for many years of intense space action, fighting off monsters comes naturally to an ace pilot like Major Tomm. He’s developed an extraordinary aim, which allows him to fire multiple shots if he gets lucky enough!

Und das sind die Stretch Goals:

CMoN Starcadia Quest 26 CMoN Starcadia Quest 27 CMoN Starcadia Quest 28

Shipping Infos gibt es auch:

Please Take Note!

Based on past experience, we will be charging shipping after the Kickstarter concludes based on the actual costs incurred to ship. We will collect this via our pledge manager after the campaign ends, using PayPal. This is so we can be fair to all our backers as shipping is rarely one size fits all, and also give you more stretch goodies and possibly a choice of carrier options.

We will ship your rewards at our cost to our international hubs. Depending on where in the world you are, we will either ship to you from our hub in the UK (EU backers), China (Asia Pacific backers), Singapore (Singaporean backers), Canada (Canadian backers), Australia (Australia and New Zealand backers) or Atlanta (USA and the rest of the world). Following is a list of rough estimates for shipping a standard game package (4kg volumetric weight). Keep in mind these are just estimates, and costs may rise based on weight increases from unlocked stretch goals and any optional buys you choose.

  • USA: $10-$20 to most states. $50 to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • CANADA: $15-$30 to most cities.
  • LATIN AMERICA: $70-$80 to most countries.
  • ASIA: $10 to China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. $35 to most other countries (we can’t predict an estimate cost to Malaysia).
  • OCEANIA: $20-$45 to Australia. $40 to New Zealand.
  • AFRICA: $95 to most countries.
  • EUROPE: $20-$30 to most countries.
    • $35 to Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, and Latvia.
    • $50 to Bosnia/Herzegowina, Croatia, and Iceland.
    • $70-$80 to Israel, Liechtenstein, and Serbia.
    • $90 to Belarus.

Unfortunately, different import laws and customs have made it impossible for CMON to ship games to certain specific countries.

*WE DO NOT SHIP TO:* Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

Die Kampagne ist (natürlich) schon finanziert und läuft noch 11 Tage.

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  • Immer noch nicht ein cmon-KS, der mich anspricht.
    Irgendwie lustig,cmon bringen Spiele regulär in den Handel,wo ich vlt bei einem KS nicht hätte widerstehen können. Aber dieses „Tonnen von Plastik-SG“-Konzept hat mich bei dem Hersteller noch nie angesprochen.

  • Muss mich beherrschen das nicht zu kaufen, weil ich genug Arcadia Quest zuhause hab… Aber das Spielprinzip ist einfach super…

    • Aus ebendiesem Grund fällt es mir leicht, hier nicht in Versuchung zu kommen. Arcadia Quest ist super, aber ein zweites Mal in anderem Gewand brauche ich es nicht. Und so wirklich überzeugen mich die Figuren hier auch nicht.

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