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Sarissa Precision: Salut Neuheiten

Sarissa Precision wird an ihrem Stand auf der Salut Neuigkeiten zeigen: ein Wikingerschiff und Star Wars Gelände für Scarif.

Sarissa Precision Scarif Sarissa Precision Scarif2 Sarissa Precision Scarif3 Sarissa Precision Scarif4 Sarissa Precision Scarif5 Sarissa Precision Scarif6 Sarissa Precision Scarif7 Sarissa Precision Scarif8 Sarissa Precision Scarif9 Sarissa Precision Scarif10 Sarissa Precision Scarif11


Scarif Monorail & Landing Pad

We have been playing a silly amount of Star Wars: Legion at Sarissa HQ recently over our Sci-Fi terrain. However, when it came down to building a purpose made board we only wanted to fight on one planet Scarif.

After watching Rogue One a lot of times for „research purposes“ we decided we needed a landing pad and monorail as a priority.

Having found it to be great to fight over as an objective we decided to cut some to bring with us to Salute 2018, so if you want to try one out on your board make sure you pop along to see us on stand TE20.

Sarissa Precision Viking Ship Sarissa Precision Viking Ship2 Sarissa Precision Viking Ship3

Viking Longship

When the longships where sighted the local inhabitants would start to panic, the Vikings raiders in their ships carrying their feared warriors honed in battle.

We will have the Viking Longship on our stand, T028, at Salute this weekend and will be releasing it on our website next week.

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