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Sarissa Precision: Neuheiten

Der monatliche Newsletter von Sarissa bringt die Neuerscheinungen.

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Sarissa Precision Neuerscheinungen – 28mm MDF & Graupappe

So what do we have to show off today…….. Firstly, A cracking little mini range again this week in a lovely Austrian/German timber frame style including an Alpine Chalet.

Second up is an Atlantic Wall Bunker to shore up the defences along the coast.

Finally we have a great little Sci-Fi offer for our Scorching Deal of the Week. You’ll surely see the inspiration for this set in a well know franchise film. No prizes if you do guess correctly however as it’s far to easy and 25% off the set is more than enough anyway.

Thanks, TC

  • Chalet 28,00 EUR
  • Church 22,40 EUR
  • Timber Frame House 22,40 EUR
  • Farmhouse 22,40 EUR
  • Bar/Shop 22,40 EUR
  • Timber Frame Barn 19,60 EUR
  • Bunker 19,60 EUR

Quelle: Sarissa Precision

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