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Sarissa Precision: Burrows & Badgers Previews

Mehr Previews von Sarissa Precision – Häuser für  Burrows & Badgers.

Sarissa B&B Preview Sarissa B&B Preview3 Sarissa B&B Preview4 Sarissa B&B Preview5 Sarissa B&B Preview6

BB04 Duntrackin

A typical town house, of a design found throughout Northymbra’s towns and cities. This particular town house, Duntrackin, is the home of the retired but still famous beagle tracker and scout, Rufus Hardpaw, where he hosts a number of regular guests from his adventuring days. Many a nefarious scheme has been plotted inside these walls…

Coming 24th August

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BB03 Brother Mortimer’s Den

The mouse mage Brother Mortimer designed this house with a special extension, which serves as both a ‚Dream Tower‘ and a platform from which to make his astrological observations. It’s a pretty good place to shoot arrows from, too…

Coming 24th August


Sarissa B & B Hall Sarissa B & B Hall2 Sarissa B & B Hall3 Sarissa B & B Hall4 Sarissa B & B Hall5

BB05 Highclere Hall

Serving as the official heart of Warren Percy, this building is run by the Town Burgher, the frog Tollimus Skulp. It is mostly used for Guild meetings, and also serves as the location of the town market, every Fredaeg.

Coming 24th August

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