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RudeMinis: Make your Minis great again

Ein Kickstarter für Fantasy Minis, die alle etwas gemeinsam haben – inspiriert von Mr. Trump.

Rude Minis Make Great Again KS

 Hi, this is my second project on Kickstarter, this time it is a range of fantasy miniatures about somebody… obviously, any resemblance to existing person is purely coincidental…

As usual, it is finest traditional hand sculpt, no 3D, and cast in high quality resin by GRXcréation.

Rude Minis Make Great Again KS2Rude Minis Make Great Again KS3 Rude Minis Make Great Again KS4Rude Minis Make Great Again KS7 Rude Minis Make Great Again KS5 Rude Minis Make Great Again KS6 Rude Minis Make Great Again KS8Rude Minis Make Great Again KS12

Pledge Level:

  • Presdimon of Corruption 59,00 EUR
  • Ogre King & Goblin Chief 25,00 EUR
  • Slave Trader 25,00 EUR
  • Dark Knight 11,00 EUR
  • Early Bird Trump Pack 89,00 EUR
  • Previous KS Orc Female Clan – 100,00 EUR

Stretch Goals:

STRETCH GOALS,  each unlocked stretch goals will add free additional miniatures to the TrumPack:

Rude Minis Make Great Again KS9 Rude Minis Make Great Again KS10 Rude Minis Make Great Again KS11

Few words about me. Miniatures sculptor for nearly 20 years, I’ve worked for a lot of famous companies like Rackham, PrivateerPress, Mierce, and many others… Today I want to create my own range, to explore my favorite themes in fantasy.

All the minis are cast in resin by a skilled craftsman, here in France. The scale is 32mm, standard with other manufacturer ranges.


Derzeit steht der Kickstarter bei über 3.400,00 EUR (Ziel waren 3.000,00 EUR) und endet am 7. Juni 2018 10:54 CEST.

Link: Make-your-collection-of-miniatures-great-again Kickstarter

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