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Redgrass Games: Neue Pinsel

Immer zwei sie sind – ein Size 2 und ein Size 00 Pinsel – frisch von Redgrass Games.

Redgrass Pinsel Redgrass Pinsel2 Redgrass Pinsel3 Redgrass Pinsel4 Redgrass Pinsel5 Redgrass Pinsel6

Redgrass Games – Kolinsky Rotmarder Pinsel – Size 2 14,95 EUR, Size 00 12,95 EUR

After several months of fine tuning with the help of pro-painters, our set of two perfect brushes made of Kolinsky hair are available now! https://www.redgrassgames.com/brush/
Why only two brushes ? Because it’s all you need!
– A Size 2 with a large belly to carry a lot of paint and a sharp tip for a maximum control, perfect for basing and layering
– A Size 00 with a needle-like shape and a tapered point for good control, perfect for small details
2 brushes = Free shipping (USA,UK, Western EU, Canada only)

Link: Redgrass Games

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