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Reaper: Mai Neuheiten

Reaper erweitert ihre Miniaturen-Palette natürlich auch wieder im Mai.

Reaper Mai Reaper Mai2 Reaper Mai3 Reaper Mai4 Reaper Mai5 Reaper Mai6 Reaper Mai7 Reaper Mai8Reaper Mau Poster

Dark Heaven Legends – Metallminiaturen – Mai

  • Tosca, Dreadmere Hag by Bob Ridolfi – 6,99 USD
  • Fruella, Dreadmere Mercenary by Bob Ridolfi – 6,99 USD
  • Serena, Dreadmere Rogue by Bob Ridolfi – 6,99 USD
  • Thunderfoot Defender (Triceratops) by Chris Lewis – 16,49 USD
  • Bloodcrest Smasher (Parasaurolophus) by Chris Lewis – 9,79 USD
  • Armorback Barbarian (Ankylosaurus) by Chris Lewis – 9,79 USD
  • Blacktooth Savage (Tyrannosaur) by Chris Lewis  – 13,49 USD
  • Skywing Stormcaller (Pteranodon) by Chris Lewis – 9,29 USD

Die Dungeon Dweller Promotion Miniatur des Monats:

Reaper Mai Promo

Cairn Wraith – Promotion Miniatur

Our May Dungeon Dweller promotion is a vengeful spirit lurking in the ruins surrounding the dungeon…the Cairn Wraith!

Starting May 1, 2018, you’ll receive a free Reaper Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith miniature for each qualifying order of $40 (in your purchasing currency – USD, GBP, Euro, AUD) or more placed right here on www.reapermini.com! And what’s more, for each $40 you spend, you’ll receive an additional Reaper Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith miniature – $80 for two, $120 for 3, etc. (up to a max of 12 free figures). There’s no need to place multiple orders on the same day! The FREE Reaper Dungeon Dwellers: Cairn Wraith is automatically added to your cart when you hit $40…you don’t have to to anything else. Or, if you prefer, you can just purchase him directly here. 

(Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi; studio model painted by Michael Proctor of Clever Crow Studio.)

… und ein kostenloses PDF mit einer Mal-Anleitung:

Reaper Painting Guide

Dungeon Dwellers – Stitch Thimbletoe Painting Guide

You’ve got your FREE Stitch Thimbletoe mini, sitting on your desk, staring at you. You’re looking at it, thinking, „How am I going to paint this cute little guy?“
We’re here to help! Click here to download a free pdf painting guide. It’s FREE! In it, award-winning painter Brice Cocanour gives you all the details on how to make Stitch come to life.
Did we mention it’s free? Go get it now!
Wer diesem Link folgt findet noch andere Downloads rund um die Old-School Dungeon Dwellers – ja, auch Abenteuer mit Karten!
Link: Reaper
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