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Project Elite: Previews

Cool Mini or Not zeigen auf Facebook diverse Bilder zum kommenden Kickstarter für Project Elite.

CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Announcement

We didn’t ask for this war. Heck, we didn’t even see it coming. When the aliens attacked, humanity was caught off guard. We had been fighting our own battles for so long, we never expected the real threat to come from beyond the stars. That was then. We’ve regrouped, reassembled, and now we’re ready for revenge! Project ELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3 PM EST. Stay tuned for updates.

CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Captain Akosha Haugen

A native of Norway and veteran of the United Nations Orbital Fleet, Captain Akosha Haugen’s greatest regret is that her repeated warnings about the relatively low strength of the UN Solar Fleet wasn’t heeded until the Proxies entered our solar system. By then, it was far too late. Now, with no fleet left, Captain Haugen leads Project: ELITE’s tactical teams with ruthless efficiency. No other team leader can boast such a high success rate. For her, it’s never too late to turn back the alien tide.

Project ELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3 PM EST. Stay tuned for updates.

CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Searsting

Not all of the aliens that led the attack on Earth came in huge swarms. Some creatures clearly stood on their own in a leadership role. Despite their frenzied assaults, these monsters obviously had an understanding of a hierarchy. The Searsting is just one of the Alien Bosses the Project ELITE team are going to have to face if they want to turn the tide in the war.

Project ELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3PM EST. Stay tuned for updates.

CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Biter

The aliens came because their own world was dying. But they weren’t coming to co-habitate the Earth with us. They wanted it for themselves, and they brought their soldiers with them. The Biter is what UN scientists believe to be the baseline Janusian (or Proxie as the troops know them). While its strength, speed, and stamina are comparable to an adult human, its formidable natural weaponry can prove deadly in melee combat. Armor and weapons are recommended when dealing with them. What other threats will you face when you play Project: ELITE? Stay tuned for more previews.

Project ELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3PM EST.

CoolMiniorNot Project Lieutenant Barry ‘Gilgamesh’ Hanson

As the last defence of Earth, Project: ELITE is only worried about getting the best people for the job. Differences in personalities have to be set aside. For example, Lieutenant Barry ‘Gilgamesh’ Hanson remained at lieutenant rank thanks to his narcissistic bearing and prideful nature, even though his service as an American Delta Force commando is marked with incredible feats of tactical brilliance. When UN scientists developed the first of the new ‘super-soldier’ serums, Gilgamesh instantly volunteered. The results are impressive, and Lieutenant Hanson’s already gifted battlefield prowess has been enhanced tenfold. Unfortunately, his ego grew in proportion with his body. Can he keep it in check for the good of the Earth?

ProjectELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3PM EST.

CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Naga

The Naga’s serpentine origins are obvious, and its secondary characteristics mark it as yet another human/animal/Proxie hybrid. While its speed is no greater than normal, its serpent-based locomotion allows it to traverse nearly vertical terrain unhindered. Troops should remain well beyond her arm’s reach. The Naga is just one of the Alien Bosses that the #ProjectELITE team will face in their battle to liberate the world.

Project ELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3PM EST.

CoolMiniorNot Project Kinje Prime

Earth is far from the only habitable world in the galaxy. Several have turned their attention to the pale blue dot and wanted to send help against the Janusian attack. Kinje Prime originally only cared about having the best guns and hunting down the biggest trophies. But when the Terran Conflict began and reports that truly horrible Janusian monsters were being unleashed, Kinje booked the first cruiser to Earth. Project: ELITE took quick advantage of the kills she started racking up with her twin-slugger pistol and gutting blade, naming her an honorary specialist! Help her bag the big one when Project: ELITE launches on Kickstarter on October 30 at 3PM EST.

CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Shooter
Not all the Janusians rely on their teeth and claws to hunt down humans. The aliens have very advanced technology when it comes to weaponry, able to graft weapons directly to their bodies. The most common of these are called Shooters. They are essentially baseline Proxie Biters, though engineered for deadly hand-eye coordination and cybernetic plasma cannons that draw power from the Shooter’s own metabolism. How they can sustain such prodigious energy discharges without a constant intake of calories remains a mystery even to our top researchers. They’re one of the nastier foes you’ll have to face in Project: ELITE when it comes to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3PM EST.
CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Reanimate Harrier
The Reanimate Harrier variants appear to retain some knowledge from their former human brains, able to form simple words and sentences, which has a horribly disconcerting effect. Its third leg provides exceptional stability and speed. As with most lesser aliens, troops should gun them down at range. #ProjectELITE is coming to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3 PM EST.
CoolMiniorNot Project Elite Ake Voker

The Mars colony was one of the first casualties in the war. Most colonists were killed instantly. One survived and has decided to fight back. Rake Voker was born on Mars, but was deployed to a mission on Earth when the Proxies came and destroyed the Mars Colony. Ever since that dark time, Voker has been utterly devoted in figuring out the Aliens’ technology in order to use it against them. He always carries the latest and greatest tools of war with him into battle, and nothing satisfies him more than when one of his “new toys” makes the Proxies go boom! Help him get revenge on the aliens as part of Project: ELITE.

Project: ELITE comes to Kickstarter on October 30 at 3 PM EST.

Quelle: CMON auf Facebook


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  • Wieso gescheitert? Das wurde doch erfolgreich finanziert und ausgeliefert. Nur waren die Minis grottenschlecht gegossen. Oder verwechsle ich das was?

  • Das Spiel ist ganz gut, wenn man mit Stress umgehen kann. Auch flexibles Reagieren auf und gute Absprachen sind gefragt. Auch ich der Schwierigkeitsgrad gut anpassbar. Ist jetzt nicht der erfolg bei uns in der Gruppe aber, sehr gut spielbar. Wird wohl nur eine Neuinterpretation von CMON mit neuen Minis. Die leider im Orginal nicht so gut waren. Aber ganz ehrlich auch nicht sein müssen.

  • Für cmon-Verhältnisse ein mutiger Schritt ein KS ganz im Sinne eines Re-Skins rauszubringen. Mal schauen ob da enttäuschte Elite 1.0 Käufer nochmal cmon-typische stellige Beträge investieren wollen. Hinzu kommt, das der Oktober in Bezug auf Brettspiele gerade extremst hart umkämpft ist. Sei es KS oder Spiel´18.

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