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Privateer Press – August Releases

Privateers LineUp für den August

Im August gibt es weitere Modelle für die Crucible Guard und dazu den ersten Teil der neuen Protectorate Exemplar inklusive der Theme Force Box.

PP Prospero

Prospero ($16.99)
Had destiny chosen a different path for him, Prospero would have been one of the greatest warcasters to grace the Order of the Golden Crucible and the Crucible Guard. But Prospero was not to achieve his full potential. When the Khadorans assaulted Llael, Propsero’s body was destroyed. To preserve his life, his brother, Aurum Adeptus Syvestro, had his brain placed in a new body. Now Prospero is a towering mechanikal man. Visual and audio receivers feed him sensory data, and he can once again interact with the living world. But the towering warcaster talent he once displayed has been muted, suppressed by his time spent in darkness and the new, unfamiliar form he now inhabits.

PP CrucibleGuardStormTroopers

Crucible Guard Storm Troopers ($49.99)
Storm trooper squadrons provide the Crucible Guard with a hard counterpunch. Equipped with pneumatic concussion cannons, storm troopers can engage concentrations of light infantry. Their ammunition is highly explosive, combining a number of catalytic agents to magnify the blasting power of the charge to produce deadly concussion waves on impact. The storm troopers are ideal for clearing fortified positions like bunkers and trenches, where the shockwave of their munitions is amplified by close quarters and enemies are likely to be tightly packed

PP ExemplarCineratorOfficer

Exemplar Cinerator Officer (24,99$)
Cinerator officers lead their brethren knights to the sound of ceaseless praise to the Creator of Man. These prayers are drawn from passages of the Litany of Fire, which exhorts the faithful to shun impure acts and can itself unravel the spells of enemy sorcerers. These cinerators urge their charges to march up the field with shields interlocked, all the while craving the moment when they can plunge their burning swords into the flesh of an unworthy foe.

PP HighExemplarCyrenia

High Exemplar Cyrenia (14,99$)
High Exemplar Cyrenia is a cunning battlefield commander and skilled swordswoman who rouses her fellow Exemplar to feats of excellence. A luminary member of the Exemplar Order, she excels in defensive tactical strategies, coordinating the efforts of the knights under her command while inspiring them with the depth of her personal faith. Because of her diligence and peerless conviction to her duties, some whisper that she fights as if Menoth’s eyes were upon her.

PP ExemplarThemeForceBox PP ExemplarThemeForceBoxContents

Exemplar Theme Force Box ($119.99)
Faith and Fury!
The Exemplar Knights make up a martial order of pious warriors who crusade in the name of Menoth, the Creator of Man. They are a blazing sword wielded by the clergy of the Menite faith. The Exemplar order makes up the backbone of the Protectorate of Menoth’s military might. Once called upon to uphold doctrinal purity and to root out potential heretics and traitors, they now march to war beyond the borders of their nation. When Exemplar go to war against the enemies of the faith, they do so invested with consecrated weapons and armor, guided by utter obedience to the will of the scrutator priests. Their faith is unshakeable, their minds unclouded by doubt or fear, and their advance unstoppable.

Take command of these zealous knights with this box, which contains a full complement of Exemplar ready to support your warcaster’s battlegroup. Fight in the Creator’s Name!


32059 Exemplar Cinerators (5) (plastic)
32082 Knights Exemplar (plastic)
32121 Knights Exemplar Command Attachment (metal)
32129 Exemplar Cinerator Command Attachment (resin/metal)
32132 Exemplar Warder (metal/resin)


Jungredakteur für den Brückenkopf - Spielt: Viel Warmachine (Convergence of Cyriss / Minions), fast alles andere was Privateer so vertreibt, wenn es sich ergibt auch mal Infinity (Tohaa) oder irgendwas mit meinen Skelett Horden.

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