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Perry Miniatures: Neuheiten

Perry Miniatures präsentieren einige Neuheiten quer durch den historischen Bereich.

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 01 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 02 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 03 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 04 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 05 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 06 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 07 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 08 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 09

Another Perry smorgasbord!

We have a new eclectic mix of releases for you this month with WWII, Zulu War and War of the Roses covered as well as three plastic colonial command frames available. We have the two new releases from Blitzkrieg Miniatures in the form of the early Tiger tank as used in Tunisia plus the M8 Greyhound, preempting the plastic US infantry (which is a long way off just yet!). There is also a Perry vehicle, made by John Hart, of a small Fiat tractor for all your towing requirements…as long as your requirements are small. There are two more Irish codes for the Wars of the Roses range. Although the Irish never seemed to have used handguns in the field until 1504 it seemed a wasted opportunity not to make them as clothing didn’t change much from 1400 to the 1570’s. The other code are slightly richer Kern able to afford a little armour and better weapons. Last but not least, we have the dismounted versions of the Natal Carbineers for the Zulu War to be found in the Victoria’s Little Wars range.
Victoria’s Little Wars range
Sculpted by Michael Perry
VLW 51 Natal Carbineers dismounted skirmishing

Wars of the Roses
Sculpted by Michael Perry
WR 44 Irish Kern with mixed two handed weapons
WR 45 Irish handgunners

World War Two – Italy
Vehicle by John Hart
Driver sculpted by Michael Perry
ITWW 24 Fiat OCI 708Cm tractor

Plastic Accessories
B 68 Zulu firearm/command frame
B 69 British Zulu War command frame
B 70 British Afghan/Sudan command frame


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