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Perry Miniatures: Neue Kavallerie

Perry Miniatures präsentieren neue portugiesische Kavallerie.

Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 01 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 02 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 03 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 04 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 05 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 06 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 07 Perry Miniatures Neue Kavallerie 08

New Portuguese cavalry

Portuguese Napoleonic Army 1808-14
28mm metal figures
Designed by Alan Perry

We have 8 new codes of Portuguese available, cavalry to be precise. They are represented in the early and late (British style) uniforms. In 1808 the Portuguese cavalry were in a very poor state, lacking uniforms, equipment and horses. In 1809 the British General Beresford reorganized and started to re-equip the cavalry. Therefore the horses are represented with British equipment and tack.

PORT 15 Line cavalry command in helmets, galloping, 1806-11

PORT 16 Line cavalry in helmets, shouldered swords, galloping, 1806-11

PORT 17 Line cavalry command in helmets, standing, 1806-11

PORT 18 Line cavalry in helmets, shouldered swords, standing, 1806-11

PORT 19 Line cavalry command in shakos, galloping, 1810-14

PORT 20 Line cavalry in shakos, shouldered swords, galloping, 1810-14

PORT 21 Line cavalry command in shakos, standing, 1810-14

PORT 22 Line cavalry in shakos, shouldered swords, standing, 1810-14


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