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Perry Miniatures: Napoleonische Schweden und Dänen

Die Perrys haben eine neue Reihe ihrer napoleonischen Miniaturen gestartet: die Schweden. Außerdem gibt es Nachschub für die Dänen.

A small smorgasbord of Scandinavians!

The first in the new range of Swedish Napoleonics is now available.
The first period covered will be 1808-1809 but earlier and later armies will be covered in the future.

The Line Infantry here can be painted as regimental Jägers with just the colour of the plume changed from yellow to green and the belts painted black instead of white. All the different regiments wore different colours on their collars, cuffs, turn-backs and lining, but the color of the uniform was blue for all Swedish regiments (there are exceptions) and all the Finish regiments wore grey (again some exceptions). However in 1807 a new uniform was introduced which had exactly the same cut and details as the uniform of 1806 (that these figures are wearing). The color of that uniform was grey instead of blue for the entire army. The color of collar, cuffs, turn-backs and lining was dark blue and at the same time a regimental badge was introduced on the front of the hat. However this uniform was only worn by 3-4 infantry regiments, since most of the regiments had not worn out their older uniforms by the year 1807 and in 1809 the blue color for the uniforms was reintroduced.
Many thanks to Martin Markelius of the Swedish Army Museum, Stockholm for his ongoing help on this range and Michael Leck for his encouragement and help.

Napoleonic Swedish Army 1808-09
28mm metal figures designed by Alan Perry
SWED 1 Infantry command advancing 1808-09
SWED 2 Infantry marching 1808-09
SWED 3 Infantry command standing 1808-09
SWED 4 Infantry firing line 1808-09

PerryMiniatures SWED1 PerryMiniatures SWED2 PerryMiniatures SWED3 PerryMiniatures SWED4

Jeder Blister kostet 7,00 GBP.

We also have a few codes of Danish Jaegers/ Light Infantry for 1802-08
These can be used for either regimental Jaegers (in red) or Light Infantry in green. The regimental officer in red is distinguished by his long tailed coat.
The Danish artillery are on their way, Norman Swales has made a lovely 6 pdr so far with a 3 pdr on his workbench. Alan is working on the crews.
Many thanks too to Jørgen Larsen for his ongoing help with the Danish range.

Napoleonic Danish-Norwegian 1803-14
28mm metal figures designed by Alan perry
DAN 33 Jaeger and Light Infantry command 1802-08
DAN 34 Jaegers/ Light Infantry skirmishing 1802-08

PerryMiniatures DAN33 PerryMiniatures DAN34

Auch diese Blister kosten je 7,00 GBP. Und natürlich noch die Vorschaubilder auf die angesprochenen 6-Pfünder:

PerryMiniatures Danish6pdr PerryMiniatures Danish6pdr2

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