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Perry Miniatures: Chasseurs a Cheval

Perry Miniatures präsentieren neue Preview Bilder ihrer „Line Chasseurs a Cheval“.

Perry Miniatures Chasseurs A Cheval 01 Perry Miniatures Chasseurs A Cheval 02 Perry Miniatures Chasseurs A Cheval 03 Perry Miniatures Chasseurs A Cheval 04 Perry Miniatures Chasseurs A Cheval 05 Perry Miniatures Chasseurs A Cheval 06

First shots of plastic Line Chasseurs a Cheval

Fresh from Renedra we have the first shots of the main Chasseur (trooper) frame. Renedra just need to tweak a few small bits but this frame is done and the command frame is well on its way. So everything will be ready for Salute
Alan has put a few of these together to show the poses and uniform variations you will be able to achieve.
The figures in this box will represent Line Chasseurs a Cheval from 1808-15. Four uniform variants are covered; campaign and full dress for 1808-12 and campaign and full dress for 1812-15. During this period the coat changed from the single breasted Kinski coat to the lapelled Spencer coat around 1812 although the latter probably took a while to replace the former. Both types are presented in this set, along with elite company uniforms. The figures in the Kinski coat can also be used as Hussars in campaign dress. As you can see there are multiple arm poses and many head gear variants.
There will be a free metal figure of Colonel Marbot of the 23rd Chasseurs a Cheval (which of cause could be painted as any Chasseur colonel) if you buy three or more sets direct from us online and at Salute.


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