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Perry Miniatures: British Artillery

Neu von den Perrys: British Artillery for the Peninsular War.

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Perry Miniatures: British Artillery for the Peninsular War

New! British Artillery for the Peninsular War.
We have seven new codes of British artillery. These are all on (double) bracket carriages used for the majority of the Peninsular War, gradually being replaced by the single block trail carriages until it became universal for all British artillery in 1814.

British Napoleonic Army 1801-15
28mm figures designed by Alan Perry
Artillery designed by Norman Swales and Rob McFarlane
BH 135 Royal Foot Artillery firing 6 pdr 1808-14
BH 136 Royal Foot Artillery loading 6 pdr 1808-14
BH 137 Royal Foot Artillery traversing 6 pdr 1808-14
BH 138 Royal Foot Artillery firing 5.5 Howitzer 1808-14
BH 139 Royal Foot Artillery traversing 5.5 Howitzer 1808-14
BH 140 Royal Foot Artillery firing 12pdr 1808-14
BH 141 Royal Foot Artillery loading 12pdr 1808-14

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