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Ninja Division: Warhammer Doomseeker Releasedatum

Für das Kartenspiel Warhammer: Doomseeker von Ninja Division gibt es einen Veröffentlichungstermin, zur GenCon 2018 soll es erscheinen.

Ninja Division Warhammer Doomseeker Releasedate 1

Ninja Division is excited to announce that the Doomseeker card game will be launching at Gencon 2018! 

If you can’t make it to Gencon, don’t worry. Doomseeker is launching simultaneously at your favorite hobby retailers and online through the Ninja Division store.

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Ninja Division Publishing, in cooperation with Games Workshop, Doomseeker gives from two to four players a fast, fun, and furious battle against terrible creatures from the Warhammer world. Your mission? To find a glorious death at the hands of your foes, and regain your heroes honor.

Licensed by Games Workshop and written by veteran game designer David Freeman, Doomseeker gives players a bloody mission of havoc, seeking their end as one of characterful eight Dwarf Slayers. Complete with card drafting mechanics, strategy, and a lucky roll of the dice, players will choose their foes and stack the odds in their favor to add more notches to their axe before joining their ancestors. ‚Fans of Warhammer® will get to return again and again to the Old World with Doomseeker!

Though fast to learn, Doomseeker has layers of strategy built atop your heroes’ simply trying to be the first one in the ground. Glory is earned through careful selection of enemies, discerning selection of treasure and weapons to bring on your quest, and paying attention to your fates and grudges, multiplying your glory and aiding you in battle. Should a beast or foe so terrible see you laid low, your path can bring you to victory in a number of different ways.

In Doomseeker, 2-4 players assume the role of Slayers to battle the monsters of the Old World and find a worthy death. Players will slay many foes, hoard gold, and purchase deadly new weapons. If lucky, players will find their deaths at the hands of an epic and terrible foe. During the quest, Slayers earn renown through slaying dooms and satisfying grudges. During rounds each player takes a turn. The active player draws a Fate Card. Those cards normally change or reference the fight that is about to happen in some way. Then each other player will be able to play a fate card that could impact the upcoming battle for the active player. Once all players have done so, the active player plays a final Fate Card and then faces their chosen Doom. If the Doom is defeated by a combination of a dice roll and the Slayer’s strength being higher than the strength of the Doom, then the active player adds that doom to their scored pile as well as the gold value listed for the Doom. Once all players in the game have had their chance to face a Doom, then a new round begins.

The game’s rich contents is fully illustrated and bleeds the raw chiseled flavor of the Warhammer Slayers. Fate cards can influence the outcome of battles for the player, or their opponents. The Doom Deck provides the monsters, beasts, and other denizens of the Warhammer world that each Slayer will seek to overcome to obtain gold and renown. With gold earned, a Slayer can purchase weapons and artifacts from the Treasure Deck that can aid them in battle, from rune encrusted axes to cleave your foe, to a hearty cask of Bugman’s finest!

Each player faces battle until that fateful encounter that results in their death. Even in death, however, the player can still play Fate cards and influence battles. Betting amongst the dead is encouraged as well, as each bet placed and won earns that player more renown. Once every Slayer meets their end, or if there are no more Dooms with which to battle, the winner is the Slayer with the most reknown. Only the greatest of Slayers will rest in victory!

To be a Slayer is to be amongst the strangest and most deadly of all dwarf warriors in the Old World. They are outlandish doomseekers, wholly dedicated to wiping away some stain on their honor by taking the Slayers oath and going out into the world until they find their death in battle.

So, take up your axe, get a few new tattoos, there’s slaying to do. Find your way to Doomseeker by Ninja Division Publishing, it’s a bloody good time.

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  • Liest sich alles soweit erstmal gut. Mal schauen was bis zum Release noch an Bildern kommt. Und mal schauen was Ninja Division für eine Qualität der Komponenten liefert.

  • Die Kartenspiele von Ninja Division so kenne waren nicht so der Hammer. Vermute es wird eine Variante wie Way of the fighter mit Pappaufsteller.

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