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Necromunda: Chaos Kultisten Download

Wer die Anhänger der Chaosgötter in die Tiefen der Unterwelt von Necromunda Underhive führen möchte, hat jetzt mit den frei verfügbaren Regeln für die Chaos Kultisten die Möglichkeit.

The Dark Gods rise in the Underhive

Games Workshop Necromunda Underhive Chaos Cults 1

No world in the Imperium is safe from the horrors of Chaos – not even Terra itself. Necromunda is no exception. Under cover of the constant turf wars and battle for supremacy, small and scattered cults dedicated to the worship of the Ruinous Powers thrive. The demagogues who lead these cults draw the ruined and dispossessed to their service – those with nothing but a lust for power and the willingness to sell their souls to achieve it. These Chaos Cults take part in the power struggles of the underhive like any other gang… though woe betide any rival Ganger captured by them, for their fate will be grisly indeed as they are offered up to the Dark Gods…

A few months ago, White Dwarf published rules for using Chaos Cult Gangs in your games of Necromunda – and now we’re bringing you those rules absolutely free! They contain everything you need to start your own band of warp-worshipping malcontents, including gang, skills and equipment lists, six Wyrd powers, rules for using a Chaos Cult in campaigns, and a post-battle action that allows you to conduct a Dark Ritual and imbue one of your fighters with unholy power. There are even rules for using a Chaos Spawn… because if your Dark Ritual goes wrong you might find yourself down one fighter and up one terrifying lump of flesh and tentacles.

Games Workshop Necromunda Underhive Chaos Cults 2

You can get started building a Chaos Cult with the Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Cultists set, which contains five models armed with a range of weapons, perfect for representing Helot Cultists. Alternatively (or additionally), you could use a variety of models from the Necromunda gang sets, representing exiles from the various houses who have banded together under a charismatic Cult Demagogue.

Games Workshop Necromunda Underhive Chaos Cults 3

However you want to build your Chaos Cult, you can download the PDF right here and plan your gang – and your conquest of the underhive in the name of the Dark Gods!

Games Workshop Necromunda Underhive Chaos Cults 4

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