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Muse on Minis: Neuheiten

Muse on Minis haben einige Neuheiten im Programm.

Muse Lampposts

Urban Fixtures: Light Posts and Sewers – 9,99 USD

Lightposts and Sewer caps to spread around your various skirmish setting games, on 30mm bases, full color 2 sided MDF.

Muse Objectivemarkers 01 Muse Objectivemarkers 02 Muse Objectivemarkers 03 Muse Objectivemarkers 04 Muse Objectivemarkers 05 Muse Objectivemarkers 06

Objective Marker Pack 1 – 19,99 USD

30mm objective types for use with any 30mm scale miniatures game that requires various types of objectives. These are 2 sided full color on MDF, the bases are 2 sided one side blue the other side red so you can keep yours from getting confused with your opponents!

2 of each

Ammo Crate
Laughing Gas Cannister
ACME Chemical
Performance Enhancing Drug Dose

Muse Szenariomarkers 01 Muse Szenariomarkers 02 Muse Szenariomarkers 03 Muse Szenariomarkers 04 Muse Szenariomarkers 05

Scenario Markers – 16,99 USD

These Scenario markers are for use with any game that requires deployment zones to be marked, or objective zones to be marked.

Particularly great for marking zones that use the table Corners!

Muse WallPillar 01 Muse WallPillar 02 Muse WallPillar 03 Muse WallPillar 04

Strompost Alpha – Wall and Pillar – 18,00 USD

Announcing Strompost Alpha — This modular building system is the perfect terrain for your 28 – 35mm Sci Fi Games.   The Elements combine in a lot of ways to create unique structures and buildings.  Set up a different table every time you play !!! Compatible with Infinity, Dark Age, Warhammer 40k, and Shadow War.

This Strompost Module contains one Wall section and one Pillar

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