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Multiverse Gaming: Weitere Vault Builder Previews

Multiverse Gaming weitere Vault Builder Previews auf Facebook.

Multiverse Gaming Weitere Vault Builder Previews 01

Managed to put some paint on the new releases for the Furniture range – these will be available right after the weekend, along with new expansion packs for the Vault Builder range and two new sets aimed at those of you who prefer scratchbuilding rather than working with kits Stay tuned!

Multiverse Gaming Weitere Vault Builder Previews 02

There’s a joke about ‚giving no quarters‘ in here somewhere… New kits for the Furniture range coming soon!

Multiverse Gaming Weitere Vault Builder Previews 03 Multiverse Gaming Weitere Vault Builder Previews 06 Multiverse Gaming Weitere Vault Builder Previews 05 Multiverse Gaming Weitere Vault Builder Previews 04

Would like your vault to have an elevator that allows your minis to move between the elevated entrance and the lower underground levels? Just combine the Elevated Vault Entrance kit with the Industrial Elevator from the Forges of Prometheus range and you’re ready to go! With a movable elevator and sliding door, this setup will allow for all sorts of cool scenario objectives involving terminal hacking, bypassing the vault security systems and whatnot!


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